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  • November 19, 2018, 03:18 AM
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Author Topic: Launch Everything from FARR as non-admin with UAC on but no prompt  (Read 2991 times)


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I've long used the following alias to quickly transfer a search phrase in FARR to an Everything window.
Regular expression pattern box:
Results box:
dolaunch C:\Program files\Everything\Everything.exe -search "$$1"

Very handy as you can first search with FARR and, if what you're looking for isn't found in a second or two, just tap space space.  It works when UAC is disabled in Win 7. But with UAC on you get into a dilemma:
If FARR runs as non-admin then UAC prompts you for admin privileges on every Everything launch.
If FARR runs as admin then there's no prompt but instead other problems. E.g. if FARR run as admin launches notepad++ then you can't drop a textfile from Explorer (non-admin) into the notepad++ window (admin).

Here is a workaround that lets you launch Everything with a search parameter from FARR as non-admin with UAC and still get no prompt from UAC. It requires Autohotkey and the Win 7 Task Scheduler.

1. make authotkey scripts
Save as ev.ahk
Run %A_ProgramFiles%\Everything\Everything.exe -search "%clipboard%"
Save as ev2.ahk
Run schtasks.exe /run /TN "ev",,hide
Right click each script and compile. You get ev.exe and ev2.exe .
Choose a folder to keep ev.exe and ev2.exe in. For example C:\test\

2. Create a Task
Task Scheduler > Create Task
Set Name: ev
Check this box: Run with highest privileges
Goto Actions tab > New > C:\test\ev.exe  
(Note: change path to where you put ev.exe and ev2.exe )
Click OK

3. make a new FARR alias
Alias text: whatever you want
Regular expression pattern:
dolaunch copyclip $$1 ;;; C:\test\ev2.exe
(Note: change path to where you put ev.exe and ev2.exe )

Done!  :) When you now search FARR for "beatles" and add two spaces ("beatles  ") the Everything window will pop up and do a search for "beatles".

- Various posts discuss related issues - search for UAC in the FARR subform
- http://www.techrepub...t-the-uac-prompt/730


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Thanks for sharing this. Very clever.  :Thmbsup:
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