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  • January 23, 2019, 04:33 AM
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Author Topic: multiple docks - depending on active program  (Read 3004 times)


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multiple docks - depending on active program
« on: July 28, 2010, 08:56 PM »
just stumbled into LBC since it promises what I am looking for...

My demands:
I have programmed a lot of little scripts (I use a program named shortcut;; freeware for personal use but limited in number of "macros") that help me in daily work which has to be done repeatedly. Many apply to one or two programs (of a considerable number of different programs I have to use). I prefer to have a one-click-access to most of them, and some which I use more rarely could be put into a submenu. This means that the feature "switchable submenu" and calling these submenus by specially designed tabs
--- as described here: http://www.donationc...ex.php?topic=20317.0 ---
is NOT what I would like... too many clicks and too many submenus... (however I will give it a try).

At the moment I use rocket dock (which is no longer supported) and object dock, the one on the left side, the other at the bottom of the screen. As a "submenu" I use the stack docklet.
To get the feature "dock displayed depending on active window" I change the ini-files of rocket dock / object dock by a script that is called by buttons in a submenu (stack docklet). However this change requires 1. two mouseclicks to initiate the change and 2. a shutdown and a restart of rocket dock / object dock. This costs some time. So I was quite interested when I read about LBC and multidock, however, it does not really offer the feature I described?!? Nevertheless you seem to think in this direction as I found here in the forum a thread concerning the display of a specific launchbar when an usb stick is inserted... http://www.donationc...ex.php?topic=21678.0

In short, what I suggest:
A launchbar
      (or a set of launchbars)
which is specific to a program
      (or a set of programs, or a specific situation like the insertion of an external drive/usb stick)
is automatically displayed if the program
      (or one of a defined set of programs)
is started or activated...

Kind regards



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Re: multiple docks - depending on active program
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2010, 09:17 PM »
i agree completely, and it is on my todo list; furthermore you have given me an additional idea, which would be to make a way that scripts can command LBC to switch submenus displayed on the bar.

one workaround you might like for now to do what you want is to use lbc to show different launchbar menus in "pop-up-under-cursor" mode when you hit certain hotkeys.

you might also note that you can have LBC menus display the contents of a folder that match a certain file extension, which might be suitable for showing your scripts more easily than manually adding them to a menu.