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Author Topic: Newsletter for January 31, 2006 - Codename 'Secrets and Lines'  (Read 6571 times)


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Newsletter for January 31, 2006
Codename 'Secrets and Lines'

"If you read nothing else on our site, read the newsletter!"

1. New Software Release - fSekrit
We've got some two cool new applications that we released this month on the site.
The first is a program called fSekrit, based on an idea suggested by Stefan on our forum and coded by one of our members, f0dder.
fSekrit is a tool for keeping encrypted notes.  The really special thing about it is that notes are truly self-contained; the editor program and your note are merged together into a tiny self-contained exe (about 40k), removing the need to install a special application to view your data.  Perfect for keeping encrypted notes on USB flash drives for example.  Brand sparkling new - released today Jan 31, 2006!

2. New Software Release - MiniCap
This month we also released MiniCap, a small screen capture utility based on the technology found in Screenshot Captor.
MiniCap features very quick interactive capturing of windows and objects, but its real strength is as a commandline non-interactive capture tool.  With tons of options it's perfect for when you need to do some clever capturing from another script.  Visit the forum for tips on how other people are scripting MiniCap to do some fun stuff.
MORE -> http://www.donationc...ap/index.html?ref=nl

3. Major Software Update - Screenshot Captor
One of the most requested features from Screenshot Captor, our well known screen capture program, has been the ability to capture scrolling windows.  Well, it's finally here.  The new release of Screenshot Captor which came out this month supports a completely revamped way to capture windows objects and windows that is actually fun to use, and it includes a powerful function for performing autoscrolling captures on windows like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox, where there is too much information to be seen without scrolling.  Perfect for making giant screenshots of entire webpages, or capturing large file explorer windows.  The new version also includes a new beautiful thumbnail creation tool.
MORE -> http://www.donationc...or/index.html?ref=nl

4. Big Update for the Image Management Review
Nudone has updated his massive Image Management Shootout Review to discuss the newly released ACDSee Pro, the big brother of ACDsee which won our choice of best tool in the original review.  Is the pro version worth your money?  Read the new review and find out.
MORE -> http://www.donationc...r2/index.html?ref=nl

5. Website of the Month - The Coding Horror Blog
Our website of the month for January is Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror Blog, which is rapidly becoming one of our very favorite programming-related blogs. New entries are posted frequently, and they are consistently entertaining and insightful, with useful links and no filler, and excellent comments from readers. Most of the articles are not on hardcore coding techniques and non-programmers may find it the perfect peek into the mind of a programmer.
MORE -> http://www.donationc...ks/index.html?ref=nl

6. Member Site to Blow your Mind - (allen's page)
Our favorite find this month was, the website of one of our members (allen).  It showcases some extremely cool dynamic page generation scripts he has written, including imagIIne, an amazing online dynamic image constructor, a wonderfully whimsical stick figure markup language, and an incredibly useful *online* regular expression search and replace tool.  Allen is also working on a wonderful script to help donationcoder members generate funny ecards online - look for it later this month!
MORE -> http://www.donationc...?topic=2226.0?ref=nl

7. Last day to request January's special free gift for programmers..
Today is the *last day* to request your free shareware license of PECompact2, the excellent executable program compressor from our friends at Bitsum Technologies (
MORE -> http://www.donationc...g/drawing.php?ref=nl

8. ..New giveaways and New discounts
This month we're giving away some free copies of the much loved program True Launch Bar, which is one of the most full featured application launch bars ever made.  In addition to the copies we are giving away, members can also get a huge 50% discount on purchases of any version of true launch bar.  We're also giving away free copies of the brand new ACDSee PRO (see Nudone's review this month).  Open to all donating/honorary members.  Thanks to these companies for donating copies for us to give away.
ENTER TO WIN -> http://www.donationc...eedrawing.php?ref=nl
DISCOUNT ON TRUE LAUNCH BAR ->  http://www.donationc...hp?topic=2250?ref=nl

9. New Coding Snack Authors
We know that one of your favorite areas of the site has always been the Coding snacks section of the forum, where people can request little utilities and have them programmed on demand as freeware by passing programmers.  This month we had some fun tools posted, including:

10. Vote in this month's poll
We need your participation!  Whether you are or are not the type to vote in polls, please stop what you're doing right now and vote in the poll below to let us know what you would like us to concentrate on this year.  Your votes have a huge impact on how we spend our time and what we devote our resource to: http://www.donationc...hp?topic=1991?ref=nl

11. Noteworthy forum threads
It's getting hard to pick out the best threads with so much activity on the forum; we're going to have to put out a newsletter every two weeks if this keeps up!

12. Site News
  • With so much conversation going on in the forum lately, it can be hard to keep up with all the posts.  For those of you who are more email-centric, we've set up a special email subscription account at  It's completely free and you can sign up to get daily digests of all of the days posts - http://www.donationc...?topic=2070.0?ref=nl
  • The Links button at the top of every page now takes you to a list of sections of the site in the form of questions and answers with links you can click for more information.  We hope this makes it easier to find the page you are looking for.  And from that page you can still access our collection of favorite sites on the Internet - http://www.donationc...ks/index.html?ref=nl

13. The Reviewer Elite..
We asked (and are still asking!) you to tell us what you want us to focus on for 2006, and doing more reviews was the 2nd most common request so far.  We've taken your requests to heart and we've embarked on a very serious plan to increase the frequency of our reviews.  So we are putting out a call to our members to try to find a group of people who want to be part of a new "Reviewer Elite" - reviewers who are committed to, and capable of doing the kind of comprehensive reviews that our readers expect.  In return we are going to make sure that these reviewers are treated as some of the most important contributors to the site, including making sure they are well rewarded in terms of donations, free software, and if we can arrange it, paid publication in a print computer magazine.

If after reading our exhaustive reviews you think this is something you would be good at and would enjoy, let us know.  Maybe you'll be part of the new Reviewer Elite team.

MORE -> http://www.donationc...?topic=2232.0?ref=nl

14. Care to help us?
We rely on your donations to fund this site.  Your donations pay for the web hosting, let us provide webspace for freeware coders, buy software, pay bills, and pass on money to other coders and reviewers on the site.  Remember that when you contribute to our site, you're not just showing your appreciation for what we've already done, you're helping to fund this site and make it possible for us to keep on doing what we're doing and serving as an example for other sites.

If you haven't donated to our site yet or feel you could donate again, maybe now is the time?  Just click the button below to make a donation using any of several trusted and easy payment services. You could also setup PayPal there for an automatic monthly donation, every dollar helps!


If you have good ideas about how to improve the newsletter or the site itself just reply to this post.

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Re: Newsletter for January 31, 2006 - Codename 'Secrets and Lines'
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thanks to joto for alerting me to the fact that the autoit vs. autohotkey link was broken.  fixed now.