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  • November 12, 2018, 06:59 PM
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Author Topic: Printing/Sync and Focus still are the major problems to most productivity apps  (Read 2215 times)

Paul Keith

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Just a heads up for most programmers who seem stumped at what new basic feature can be improved upon in a productivity app.

Most of these are probably technologically obvious by now to suggest (ex. online sync, print option of tasks, priorities...)

I'm speaking mostly however on basic stuff that solves the problem of paper rather than mimics it.

Most other software for their purposes pretty much have an alternative to this.

-Want to print only a selected piece in an article for ink and paper saving? Just print the selected texts.

-Want to have a history of your tasks? Just view the history. Want to skip that portion? Bookmark it.

-Want to quickly jump to a set of feeds? Categorize it. Want to quickly jump to an urgent set without thinking about it? Star it instead of tagging it.

Yes, it's not ALL "fixed and perfect" but even today it's just not common enough to find an application that solves the problem of a paper to-do list not really being easy to spread/cut and paste and focus.

That is even with tags, you're still limited to the idea of a specific filter. You can't just quite literally achieve the scenario of each tasks being a 3d object that can be re-formed into a list.

I'm not saying there should be literally a 3d object to-do lists though. Even if you do that, it's not really the most useful to-do list.

I just can't explain it other than that. I mean if you select all a certain piece of text and print it but you want to select two separate pieces, you can re-focus your problem by simply copying pasting both snippets into a text editor first and then printing it.

In a to-do list application for example, you just don't quite have a solution to that. The best way to focus on something still remains in constantly creating normal lists and copy-pasting them out of the lists to create a new list (or do it via the option in the specific software.) There's just no common drag and drop/checkbox way yet to bypass tag overload, category overload, just want to work on these "specific little tasks swimming in that list" overload without resorting to what the program can generate/print and sync.