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  • November 18, 2018, 08:33 PM
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Author Topic: Summarizers - Copernic, Intellexer  (Read 4887 times)


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Summarizers - Copernic, Intellexer
« on: February 14, 2009, 03:11 PM »
It is interesting to note that in such a large forum that discussed almost all of the software topics, I can not find any mention of summarizers by searching from the search box above. (or am I doing something wrong? should have I gone to the advanced search?)

I took a short test of copernic summarizer in the past. now downloaded the intellexer summarizer and will test it to see how it does.

So -- just posting here to start a topic on these softwares and if there are any, other summarizers.

Are they really effective? Is the overall meaning integrity the same - or are there any bugs-glitches that can change the meaning of a text a lot which can somewhat create trouble? what is the optimum percentage to use (as you might know, you can choose how much percentage to use in order to shorten a text - the less the percentage, the shorter the summary)?

Of course it is not preferable to depend on such tools on very important tasks --- but I believe it can drastically improve the productivity of most of those who are dealing with lots of lengthy texts. (although I am not one those who read very long text frequently, I am curious on what can be achieved with these tools and think that it can be useful from time to time)
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Paul Keith

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Re: Summarizers - Copernic, Intellexer
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2009, 04:25 PM »
Thanks. I'll be honest I've never heard of this before and it could be great for giving me hints as to how to shorten my texts up but unfortunately the intellitexter demo left me hollow with it's summary.

If anyone can offer a better alternative, here's another vote for a discussion of these kinds of programs.

cont. below

I do use Scrapbook's way of highlighting text to summarize my more longer posts (too long in fact that I've never gotten to post them in any forum) and I just can't find a more universal highlighter app for this purpose.

Basically I self-summarize for future reference.

First is basic highlighting with a yellow colored highlighter
Then, I reread only the yellow portions.

2nd is a green highlighter that highlights the really valuable texts.
3rd is a red highlighter that highlights all the negative examples, texts, parts, etc.

Finally a sky blue highlighter for quotations and other stuff I might find valuable for adding in anecdotal posts.

The great thing about Scrapbook's highlighter is that the colors are switchable via a drop down arrow so no macros to change the highlight of a text or additional settings for when changing a highlighter's color to a different one.


This is kind of OT but it would be interesting if someone could invent a summarizer program based around highlight colors rather than algorithmn. OneNote already does a variation of this by separating text snippets based on their iconized tags when searching for texts.

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Re: Summarizers - Copernic, Intellexer
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2009, 12:52 AM »
I have Copernic Summarizer and am surprised how well it works. I wasn't aware of Itellexer but I'll be sure to give it a try.

The "problem" for me is that I read very fast (unless it's technical material) and I just don't save all that much time using the summarizer unless it's a very large document. I wonder how well it would do with the Fed's stimulus package. :)