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Author Topic: Keyboard Extensions, launcher-shortcut editor-screenshot tool-alerts  (Read 3027 times)


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This is a tool that combines launcher and autohotkey(mainly hotkeys) in a rudimentary way. Some people may find it useful. I personally use auto hotkey and powerpro for my mouse keyboard programming but this one offers launcher, nice shortcut editor and another editor where you can define sending keyboard activity to certain applications.


Also check out their other tools like scanfs and filepro. They are very useful.

   ▪ Quickly locate and launch programs, documents, mp3s and other files
   from system folders   (e.g. start menu, quick launch folder), or other
   user defined locations.
   ▪ Enhanced Start/Run replacement dialog that includes searchable history
   ▪ Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys
   ▪ Integration with Windows Explorer, to compare directories/files, copy file names,
     launch command prompt etc
   ▪ Captures screenshots in PNG format, and manage using tags
   ▪ Save/restore desktop icon positions, and other explorer folders
   ▪ Notification alerts (one-off / recurrent alerts)
   ▪ Task scheduler (one-off / recurrent tasks)
   ▪ CS-RCS Integration. One keystoke away from checking-in your files into
    the CS-RCS database from Windows Explorer
   ▪ WinRar Integration. Backup a window folder and its subfolders with only a keystoke.
   ▪ Define your own global keyboard hotkeys (shortcuts) for launching applications
  and/or focusing open applications to prevent opening multiple instances
  of a program
   ▪ Define your own application-specific hotkeys that can map into more complex shortcuts
   in any application.
   ▪ Global Keyboard hotkeys that allow you to easily search in google, wikipedia,
   newsgroups from any program, with the click of a button
   ▪ Customizable newsgroups list
   ▪ Predefined shortcusts

    - Google search
    - Wikipedia search
    - Google groups search
    - List open explorer folders
    - Notepad
    - Launch Media Player
    - Open Command prompt
    - Launch Internet Explorer
    - Open URL

   ▪ Define notifications alerts by time offset or absolute time
  e.g. notify me in 45 minutes or at 16:30
   Scheduled tasks
   ▪ Run specific tasks on a specified time or at recurrent invervals
   ▪ Print-screen button captures screenshots in PNG format
   ▪ Preview and manage screenshots by adding tags
   Windows Explorer Integration

    - Create Folder (F7)
    - One level up (new window) (Ctrl-Backspace)
    - Command Line here  (F8)
    - Sort by name,size,type,modified (Shift+1,2,3,4)
    - Treesize (Ctrl+T)
    - ScanFS (Ctrl-S)
    - Backup folder (Ctrl+[)
    - Add to CS-RCS (Ctrl+])
    - Preview in ASCII mode (Ctrl+P)
    - Open in notepad (or custom editor) (Ctrl+N)
    -: Mark file or folder #1 (Ctrl-1)
    - Execute file or folder #1 + #2 (Ctrl-2)
    - Copy all selected file paths (Ctrl-Shift-C)
    - Open mirror/backup folder (Ctrl-Shift-B)
    - Save icons positions to file (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S)
    - Restore icons positions from file (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R)
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interesting find.