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  • December 17, 2018, 11:45 AM
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Author Topic: uRL-snooper is displaying error message can anyone please help out?  (Read 3668 times)


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Hello everyone at

First off, let me express my huge excitement in regards to this amazing tool! It has really helped me out in getting access to streamed media content on the web, content which I would otherwise not had been able to access, due to the fact that I am using screen reading software in order to surf the web. Unfortunatlly the websites  in question do not work very well with my screen reader, so it is indeed apprishiated that I am able to use URL snooper to track down the content I want to watch. Also, I do apprishiate that the snooper works so well with my screen reading software. It has correctly text-labeld buttons, which makes it pretty easy to navigate, so thanks so much for creating this tool and for making it accessible for everyone!

Well, when this is said, I unfortunatlly have been experiencing a few problems with the snooper, and I cincerely hoep that you'll be able to help me out finding a sullution.

well, at the moment I am trying to find streamed media content on a danish television website, which streames archived shows. Mostly, all works perfectly. I only need to start the stream for a peticular series, and the snooper will find all links for that series for me. that is, it'll find the links if the series doesnt contain more than 17 episodes!
When a series has more than 17 episodes, and of course - more than 17 links, the url-snooper will display the 17 links, and then it'll snoop on for a bit and then often return the following message:
URL SNOOPER (28), to many URL's to add to result list. Search aboarded.

please note, that the digits in the peranteses will reflect the correct number of links for the series I was looking at. It should have displayed 28 links, but as said only the 17 are shown. also, if I try to sniff a series that have 20 episodes the digits in the perantes will actually say 20 even though still only 17 links are displayed.

Is there any way for me to solve this problem? i really do hope so, as I'd love to actually be able to watch the longer series on the site in there complete form.

All the best from Allan.


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im going to be updating many of my programs in the next few weeks, let me try to fix this -- certainly url snooper has a much huger limit than 17 links, so something else is going on.