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  • August 18, 2019, 04:24 AM
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Author Topic: How big can this thing get? and features  (Read 6188 times)


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How big can this thing get? and features
« on: March 12, 2008, 11:56 AM »

Just got this prog and am very excited about possibilities of use.

I plan to use it to hold quite a lot of data for my (secret) application. I could end up with hundreds of text bites to pick from. The folder structure will keep things organised and my app has a natural logical structure so the order of selections are built in.

But I could have like 14 folders and within them another 12 and then within them 15 text options (radio buttons) and then below some of them another 12 or so entries.

Basically this program lets me add layers of unique detail that periodically would be reused. So I can grow my info base to meet my needs as they emerge. I simply would enter new content as needed but keep it for future reference. My database structure is a given (using a simple naming convention etc.) So it is easy for me to find the elements I need.

Sooo, how much data can I put into this program? Potentially it could grow to around 20000 discrete chunks of text. I presume at this time memory is the biggest constraint.

Feature request: be able to copy trees.

(My application has a lot of similar content, so copying portions of the tree and creating my core structure would be greatly simplified by being able to cut and paste tree elements.)

Concern about feature requests. Some of those I have seen look very demanding to create.
I would suggest focusing on improving structural efficiencies like;
tree editing,
one click saves,
auto-backup options,
auto-save options,
save buttons,
right click on text opens corresponding tree element making it easier to find text and edit it (could use ctrl-click),
find words in text bites or in tree descriptors,
tree sort options (could be too complex at this time, though)

Basically let's aim to get the interface humming - with consideration for future development options.
The right click "refresh text now" feature is a good example of enhancing usage efficiencies and it is always something that will be used. That's the sort of feature to target at this time ... in my profoundly humble opinion!

Anyway I'm in love with this thing,

Great work Mouser,



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Re: How big can this thing get? and features
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2008, 06:03 PM »
Thank you for the nice sentiments.
Regarding big trees, i don't know of any limit but backup your tree directory occasionally just to be safe!

I think it's increasingly clear that the Form Letter Machine needs a v2 rewrite, but as you say there are some things that are really easy to add now and there is no reason not to. I'm going to have some time in april to update all of my programs and i'll do all of the quickie features that i can.