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  • October 16, 2017, 07:20 PM
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Author Topic: post problems MB UPGRADE, slow detecting and verifying dmi pool data prob  (Read 2550 times)


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Hello DC friends ,

I just upgraded the mother board in my computer and donated my old board to a less fortunate friend. The problem is that when POSTing the board is now very slow to detect the IDE drives, like 4-6 minutes.

Then when it gets to verifying dmi pool data..... I do not get a sucess it just hangs again for up to 2 minutes before trying to proceed booting the dvd drive (which is what i want) and then starts to buut and will either hang or occasionally boot in then hang.
here are the system specs:
Mother board:
Chipset: nForce2 Ultra 400 + RAID MCP

AMD 2800+
1.5Gb ram
Nvidia 7500 gs 512Mb
ide 1:
lite-on Dvd burner (Master)
HDD WDC ide 60Gb (slave)
IDE 2:
generic dvd rom (Master)
HDD WDC SATA 500Gb (no jumper as per docs)


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Sounds like a misbehaving drive.
EVERY time I've had a MB slow to detect a drive, it was one of the drives dying or dead.
To test, make sure your BIOS disk section is set to auto-detect drives, then disconnect them all (with the power off) and then re-connect one at a time, rebooting each time and see which one is hanging.

Let us know what happens...


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ok, that's what i thought it might be. the bios is set to auto detect the drives so ok there. They do not get off work till later this evening 11 am here now. so i wont be able to mess with it for a while yet. just trying to get the solution before i slog back there tonight was there 6 hours last night attempting this .. sigh..

anyway thanks and if anyone else has any advice keep it coming.

Carol Haynes

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I had a similar problem with a poor connection on a SATA cable