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26  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Movies or films you've seen lately on: September 21, 2014, 10:06:03 PM
I'm rewatching "The Puffy Chair", an indie movie by the Duplass brothers -- who I think are geniuses.  One of my favorites.

([url=http://www.donationcoder.com/forum/index.php?topic=34481.msg353274#msg353274]see attachment in previous post)[/i][/url]

oh my god, mouser.  I think you're right, these guys are geniuses.  this movie was so good, it feels like it has been made by some 80 year old master, good god.
27  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: What is the logic of bezier curves? (for Illustrator pen tool) on: September 19, 2014, 11:50:50 AM
Hey! Looky what I found!
A game to help you master the pen tool.
By Mark MacKay.

Pretty neat, huh?

from random wanderings around the blasted heath

Yes!  This is perfect and very awesome! 
28  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Outline 4D >>50% off sale<< (only $50) on: September 18, 2014, 05:25:08 PM

Outline 4D has a 50% sale going on right, so the price goes down from $100 to $50.  Good deal if you ask me!  Pointed out here by 40hz, it might be my preferred tool for organizing just about any multi-layered idea/outline, but it's mainly intended for screenwriting I guess.
29  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: bluetooth: folder browsing possible? on: September 17, 2014, 03:02:05 PM
Your best alternative, and also the easiest, is to get a cheap 3G WiFi router and just not bother to put a SIM in it.
Instant portable WiFi HotSpot - I do this all the time with the added bonus of being able to use a SIM from whatever country I'm in to give internet access to my phone, tablet, and netbook.

Something like the TP-LINK TL-MR3020 which can usually be picked up for less than AU$30.

However, if all you want is a simple, cheap way to connect all your devices when there isn't a ready-made WiFi or mobile network available, a portable WiFi router is probably your best bet.

* I should point out that the TP-LINK TL-MR3020 requires an external 3G USB modem if you want that feature - I use a ZTE MF60 (integrated 3G modem).
I never considered this!  brilliant, thanks!
30  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for calendar software on: September 17, 2014, 10:20:28 AM
IIRC rainlendar has (or used to have) a pretty active community - plenty of skins available already so maybe something suitable already exists

But I have no reason to waste time looking for (or making) the perfect skin, when eM Client is exactly what I wanted, out of the box.  smiley
OT: I've been using em client for a couple weeks now.  It's nice, very nice.  It can definitely give the Bat a run for its money.
31  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: is there a forum for technology, devices, physics, electronics, sensors, etc? on: September 12, 2014, 10:04:15 AM
nah, it's not that easy, you need to have experience of a forum that is live, populated by knowledgeable helpful people, etc
I'm just kidding, man.  This is a good place for stuff like that.  DC is my first goto.
32  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: is there a forum for technology, devices, physics, electronics, sensors, etc? on: September 12, 2014, 09:24:01 AM
33  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / rant! new features on: September 11, 2014, 11:01:42 AM
New features coming!  amazing!  After several months of development and beta testing with our millions of users, billions of dollar revenue, and the best resources available on earth, we are introducing the following NEW features:  (omg can't wait)
--We are changing the default wallpaper from the orion constellation to an image of arizona wildlife.
--Our icons are now hexagonal instead of the traditional octagon shape.
--We are getting rid of the microUSB connector for safety reasons, and replacing it with a magnetized rubiks-style connector.
--Users can change their profile photos.
--The display has an improved 551 ppi vs the original pathetic 487 ppi.
--Remember that rounded corner on the bottom left?  It's straight now.  We're considering straightening the others by 2019.
34  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: consumables business on: September 10, 2014, 12:55:03 PM
Food & Sex...the only 2 businesses that will be around long after we no longer are.
35  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: "Delayed Write Failed" — on FIVE computers at a time? on: September 09, 2014, 08:58:09 AM
yksyks...what country are you in?
36  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Tech/Science News + Some Other Things (From Around The Web) on: September 07, 2014, 01:28:42 AM

37  DonationCoder.com Software / Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Please help me find that utility - "Something" To TXT ? on: September 04, 2014, 02:58:54 PM
Hi guys, before many years i have use a tiny free utility that creates a text file from any windows file.

Man, I used to love that thing ... I think it was called F-note (short for file note). It was just a context menu item that showed up for all files that would put an empty text file with the same name in the same location as target file.

AbteriX's solution looks like a hit, as it will produce the same result.
I remember getting a virus that did this (on a work computer!) way back in 2000.  We went in the computer and noticed that every single audio file had a txt file created.  What a pain that was!
38  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: The One Word Game! on: September 03, 2014, 09:42:28 PM
39  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / bluetooth: folder browsing possible? on: September 03, 2014, 05:17:11 PM
Can bluetooth be used to browse the folders of devices wirelessly?  Ultimately, can it be used to sync files in a directory back and forth?

I have tablets and phones that have bluetooth that I want syncing folders in places where wifi/cell is not available.  How can I do this?  The only way is bluetooth or something like wimax which I've never really tried.  The problem I am running into with bluetooth (using the CSR Harmony stack) is that it doesn't seem to be able to do any file transferring.  It has this feature called PAN (personal area network) but I don't know what the hell it does nor how it works.  I click on the PAN icon and it connects, but then what?  I don't see any folders to browse anywhere, or a drive/device that appears in my explorer.  It just connects and then nothing.  I don't get it.
40  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: collaborative software, note strong, for small biz on: September 01, 2014, 02:15:21 AM
I've used wiznote for collaboration, and it worked out really well.  My only complaints were superficial gui issues.  i don't know about the rtf feature you want though.  I'm guessing evernote is also very similar, perhaps less powerful.

If rightnote had a collaboration feature, I'd be all over that.

onenote is awesome, but my problem with onenote is that you really have to commit to using it, and if you don't like something here or there, tough.

If I were you, I'd start with Wiznote, then look at others.
41  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: My Stinking, Rotten ASUS Router Died Overnight! on: August 29, 2014, 10:31:27 AM
Thanks Shades.

Blown capacitor is the most common reason. I opened the box but none are obviously blown - none are raised or blackened.

Is it the flux capacitor?
42  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Mystery of Death Valley's Sliding Rocks Solved on: August 28, 2014, 07:21:38 PM
Cool.... smiley ...uh, no huh

Bummer!  Sad

I kinda liked it more when we didn't really know how it worked.  Cool

Some harmless mystery is always nice to have around. Grin
of all people!   cheesy
43  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: method of network drive-mapping regulated by location on: August 28, 2014, 03:43:06 PM
Network Settings Manager (both a free and a paid version available) sounds like just what your doctor ordered smiley

I wrote a tool with somewhat similar features, around the Windows 95/98 availability period (15 to 18 years ago), but I never updated it when Window 2000 (and later XP) with it's improved login procedures arrived, as it was to be started before/on top op the Win9x logon screen.
Never really published on the interwebs.
omg i didn't know about this great tool.  thanks!!
44  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Weird issue with computer: Volume spontaneously going to 100% at random on: August 28, 2014, 03:35:20 PM
I'm pretty sure now that the problem was, embarrassingly, caused by an older version of my own program, Multi Photo Quotes.  Installing the latest version seemed to solve it.
Would you like me to contact the developer? 
45  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Interesting "stuff" on: August 27, 2014, 10:30:24 PM
hey I know that shoe!  It's from Armenia, my homeland!
46  Main Area and Open Discussion / General Software Discussion / Re: Gmail & Aid4Mail on: August 27, 2014, 04:51:05 PM
If I'm understanding this correctly, you want the webmail version of gmail to be the default email handler.  This doesn't sound like the easiest thing to do, but try these suggesstions:

another way is to get a pop software for windows, like the Bat or Mailbird or thunderbird, and set that as your default email program with a gmail account.  That seems to be what most people do.
47  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Talents and talent shows on: August 26, 2014, 03:44:43 PM
One thing that interested me with that comic strip...was how just adding those tiny little eyebrows, it added some much more "emotion" to the facial expression.
south park.  they do so much with so little.  I've actually been working on my own style that is both efficient and expressive.  very cool stuff.
48  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Talents and talent shows on: August 26, 2014, 10:26:36 AM
JavaJ!  That's awesome, congrats and best wishes, I'll do my best to get her votes.  So who else is getting famous?  Hmmm....

49  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: The Movie and Book Writing Thread on: August 26, 2014, 09:03:14 AM

That's just one of my pet peeves.

@R - Out of curiosity....just how many of this pets do you have? It must be hundreds.  tongue Grin Wink
50  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Recommend some music videos to me! on: August 25, 2014, 03:59:45 PM
Performance featuring Seaboard GRAND keyboards.

On May 22nd, ROLI showcased a Seaboard ensemble at Abbey Road Studios, featuring legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess, accompanied by Marco Parisi and Heen-Wah Wai, and Ray Hearne at the drums.The song was composed for ROLI by Nathan Stornetta and Jordan Rudess. It is named after bass player extraordinaire Tony Levin, for its incredible bass and synth sounds.

Interesting possibilities for the adventurous keyboardist...

More on the Seaboard can be found on its website. Link here.
That's VERY fascinating.  First thing I think of is a keyboard that has breath controller, pitch/bend, or any midi control built into the keys themselves. 
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