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  • January 21, 2019, 09:24 AM
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Welcome back to this thread :)

There were some Daminion related discussions on the neibour topic, but we received a suggestion to not hijacking that thread with a certain product specific questions.

So, I can proceed with answering to Daminion specific questions here.

After repeating those steps 3-4 times it usually goes wrong while scaling down to min size.

I've reproduced the issue - thank you! As a workaround - you need to slightly change the current thumbnail size.

When adding tags like People or Keywords in the Properties pane, pressing return adds the tag and lets you write another -- could you  
please make pressing Esc close the edit box? (as in workflow: Ctrl-D -> edit tags -> Esc)

Why you need to close the EditBox? If you need to clear the EditBox you can press Ctrl + Z.

When adding tags from the Properties pane, there is a button to undo all changes at the bottom. If you make changes using keyboard shortcuts (like change label or rating), there doesn't seem to be a way to undo them. Is this by design? I can understand the keyboard shortcuts need to write the tags right away to work fast, but a Ctrl-Z undo could be handy if you make a mistake
Yes, you are right - this could be handy feature. And this is something that could be implemented. I can't to say when until we'll release 3-4 core features (Rescan Folders, Camera Importer, User Roles,...). We have our internal vote system for product features based on the user feedback. So each suggestion adds a vote to a certain feature.

Some better tag management and assignment tools would be nice -- from the grayed out options in the menus I assume it will become possible to assign tags from the Catalog Tags pane at some point?

Do you mean dragging tags to the selected images?

Given the comments about how adding new images makes the program slow to use, maybe add an option to pause the process? As far as I can tell you can only cancel it from the progress indicator

We had the Pause option sometimes ago, but then it was removed to simplify the UI. As a workaround I can suggest you to cancel the import process, and then do some actions, then import the last folder again. All the previously imported files will be missed and import will be continued from the moment when you stopped it.

<quote>If adding files to the catalog didn't slow down the program, I might have liked a feature to automatically monitor a folder and add any new images to the catalog</quote>

We'll implement it partially: currently we are working on "Rescan Folders" feature that is the same as "Watched Folder" but launched manually (from the Context menu of Folders). After that it could be added an option to make it automatic.

Imported process is not completely optimized; this is in our future plans.

<quote>If you have sync turned off, and make a change to the tags of a file, the sync button at the bottom shows 1 file needs to be synced. If you then read or write the metadata to file (which I assume should both bring the file back into sync), it still says 1 file needs to be synced</quote>

This is a minor bug - added to the bug-tracking list. Starting the sync process will fix the issue.

<quote>With sync turned off, if you select an image, choose Read Tags from File Metadata from the Sync button, and then edit the rating and label on the thumbnail, the icons do not update to show the changes even though the Properties pane does. I had to change view to get them to update again</quote>

Nice bug :) Thank you.

I have sync turned off, and I believe it is a glitch of some sort. I just tricked it into doing it again and recorded this short example:
Basically, I am looking at a window where the first three images are constantly flickering between an empty white rectangle and the actual landscape image (this flickering is not that obvious in the screen recording), the rest of the images are empty. When I move the mouse around, the empty squares randomly light up with the image as in the video.

Hmm... Does the problem 100% reproduced on your side? Could you please provide me with steps to reproduce the issue?

The catalogue is 58.6MB but the ~Thumb directory is 2.29GB.
Some way to minimise the program while it's cataloguing would be nice.

Taking a peek at one of the data files in the thumbnail folder, it looks as if they contain the image in jpeg format at sizes 100, 200, and 400, encoded with a quality setting around 90. This probably explains why you are seeing such massive thumbnail folders for clipart.
Some settings to control what sizes are stored and at what quality might be nice.

May be we can optimize it later. At the moment we focused on the performance. A few extra GBs might not a big deal on these days for a large media archive library, isn't it? ;)

Each preview file in the ~Thumbs folder contains a few JPEG files with a maximum 400x400px preview image, and occupies ~50kb. So for 10k imported files the average ~Thumbs folder size will be ~500Mb.

Btw, anyone else ended up with the thumbnail view starting to flicker some images randomly, or even showing empty rectangles for some, after a while of scrolling and scaling?

Empty rectangles means that Daminion is not yet loaded the thumbnails for these images yet (from cache). Switching off the "Metadata Syncing" might help to improve the performance..

I had tried Daminion few days ago and didn't like three things:
  • No configuration at all.
-fenixproductions (March 05, 2012, 05:24 PM)
This is something that can implement in the future, but at the moment we would like to polish the default UI, like any web-service.

  • For my 200MB cliparts folder it created 90MB hidden directory full of thumbnails.

We keep this approach for the following reasons:
1. Catalog (SQLite database) size is smaller;
2. You can select to backup your catalog with or without thumbnails. Because thumbnails are something that could be regenerated later, from actual files;
3. The performance of loading thumbnails from files is better than loading from the database.

No warning before any changes or edits buffering. I had wanted to test it on my photos folder and I am lucky I did not. It would mess up my existing tags completely.

May be "Auto-Sync Tags with Metadata" feature should be turned off by default?

Build 494 crashed when changing views to DetailsWithPreviewTop, though it's something I can't reproduce. This was after creating, importing small catalog.

Could please send any further error messages/bug-reports to support at

The catalog generated is small (only 55MB vs 5GB for exifPro) but is taking a very long time to load after updating to the latest beta - just finished after perhaps 2 or 3 minutes.

After upgrading Daminion might to upgrade your catalog (database) sometimes to a new version. And this might require a few minutes.

Jibz, thanks for the comprehensive feedback!  :up:

I've added part of your suggestion/feedback to our bug-tracking system. Another part are already exist there.

A few comments below:

Btw, is Daminion non-destructive, as in, can I safely let it catalog my image folder without it writing EXIF data to all images or something sinister like that? ;D

You can do it via Sync button (on the toolbar) > "Turn Off Auto-Syncing Metadata".

Interface is very slow while importing -- image properties takes 3-4 seconds to update on a quad-core

The speed of importing depends from what image formats you are importing. 100 JPEG (8-12 MP) files on my CoreDuo E6750 2.66 Ghz were imported for ~1 min.
Some background processes might affect to the performance. Import speed of video files is slower.  

Or did you mean the metadata synchronization by updating? Update or Metadata syncing a slow process because we need to write information back into the files. And for RAW files this is especially slow because we use ExifTool via command line. But this is a background process so you can turn it on when you need to leave your PC.

Import from camera would be nice, but I gather from the forums it is in the works :)

Yes. This feature under development.

Hi there,

My name is Murat Korkmazov, I am co-founder of Daminion Software. I appreciate for everyone here who evaluated our Daminion.

The price: Daminion Standalone will be free of charge up to 0.99 version. After that the program will be commercial (something between $99-199). But it's not a problem to provide the early adopters by free licenses in exchange to helping us with product testing and/or promotion the program (like blog posts, of forum posts).

We are not affiliated with MasRizal, I never heard about this company before. Probably you know our PicaJet – the simple photo organizer (we released PicaJet - 4 months later after Picasa was launched). Daminion is a brand new version of the PicaJet, and it was developed based on huge feedbacks from PicaJet users since 2004. 

There is some delay when your first open a catalog, but as joiwind said: "once the program is running it takes 1-2 seconds to open a catalog". Once we'll implement some core functionality of the product we'll start to optimize the performance of Daminion.

On first impression it looks really nice. I'll have to further investigate later :)

Thank you. Forgot to mention that the product is under active development. Check out our blog also.


Many people use standalone photo management applications (like Picasa or PicaJet), and frequently need to use them on a multi-computer environment.
So, how to share your photo manager database between multiple users across the local network? Does it possible?

The short answer: No, because:
  • There is no guarantee that your media management system won’t crash and damage your content due to multiple users simultaneously attempting to change it.
  • One of your team members could accidentally “screw up” your assets.
  • You can’t see the changes made by other users in the same media database until you restart the media database software, or refresh the opened catalog.
  • You can’t limit access to your content for users by user roles.

I'd like to introduce our Daminion - a low-cost, server based photo management system for small teams (business and home) and creative professionals.


System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or 2008 Server, Vista, 7, 8
  • Pentium III - 1 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM

Daminion Server can run on common Windows platforms like Windows XP Standard or Windows 7 Business. It is not necessary to buy an expensive Windows Server.

Some of the Benefits of Daminion

  • A true multi-user photo management solution that protects your content from damage, unlike File-Servers based systems
  • Affordable price for small teams
  • None of the endless monthly fees demanded by hosted solutions. You pay once.
  • No need to hire a system administrator, and no specialist knowledge necessary to install and administer the Daminion Server.
  • Much more secure than web-solutions - all your content remains inside your firewall
  • Restricted access to content by User Roles
  • Ability to work with huge size media archives (up to 500K-1M files per catalog)
  • Version Control (Check in/out). Avoid work being redone because you’ve lost your original versions!
  • Powered by free, reliable and widely adopted PostgreSQL database engine
  • Focused on cataloguing (no built-in fancy image editors and publishing tools) with excellent bridge to external photo editors like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.
  • Quickly classify and filter your content by tags using AND, OR operations
  • Supports complex hierarchical tags (keywords, locations, etc.) with no limitation on nesting levels


  • Quick, advanced and saved searches with support for AND, OR operations


  • Multiple catalogs (both local and shared) can be opened simultaneously like the pages of modern web-browsers.



  • During importation, the Place Tag will be filled out from information extracted from the IPTC/XMP.
  • Daminion can even write metadata into Camera RAW formats, including CR2, NEF, DNG, ARW, MRW, PEF, without creating xmp sidecar files…
  • Unlike other content organizational tools, Daminion will correctly write/read hierarchical keywords from/to IPTC/XMP. So your hierarchical structure will not lose data when you export or move your files. Learn more about how Daminion supports metadata
  • Import more than 100 formats including, Camera RAW format, Video H.264 and MKV, Adobe formats (PSD, PDF, DNG, InDesign, Illustrator), Audio Formats, Limited Support for Autodesk DWG and DXF
  • Optimize and then email images via your favorite email client (with MAPI support) or via your Gmail (or Google Apps) account
  • Daminion API is available to extend Daminion’s export capabilities by developing your own export extension

Look forward to hearing your feedback! Daminion standalone version is FREE!

Visit Daminion Home Page...

The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

Sorry, could please try again.

Then count me in for the beta test (do you want my email?)!  I'll make a deal: if it can handle eps/ai well, then I'll write a short review and include it on my webpage's recommended software list (that nobody read anyway!).

Good. You can subscribe to our newsletter on our download page.

40hz, Jibz thanks for your input and your support :up: I appreciate it! I'll publish a small announcement as you suggested me, thank you.

superboyac, we continuously add support for new media formats. Daminion has the Media Processor API that allows to add new media formats. I've added a request to support for rendering EPS and AI thumbnails in our feature list (we also have some requests for CDR format support). The major issue here is to find a good, stable image library that will be used as a core part of the EPS/AI Media Processor.

Active beta testers will receive the Daminion Pro version for free (or people who will publish an article about Daminion on their blogs or online press/media)


Daminion can import EPS and AI formats, and can read/write to XMP in both formats.

A few minutes ago a customer has sent us a screenshot with 257k imported images.
Our test databases contains 500k medium sized images.

Daminion can display preview for those EPS and AI files that contains thumbnails in their XMP metadata, otherwise it shows a default thumbs.
EPS is a complicated format,  but probably we'll add a better rendering options for EPS and AI in the future.

This is the latest Daminion update:

Sorry for reviving an old thread. Does the Topicstarter found a solution?

May I suggest you to check out our Daminion?:

The single-user Daminion version is free. It supports hierarchical tags and optimized to work with huge photo archives.
Each tag assignment can be automatically maps into the file metadata (XMP, IPTC) (if the auto-sync feature is turned on)

You can create multiple catalogs for different purposes, and open them simultaneously as web-pages of the web-browsers.
Files are imported with relative links, so you can store your media archive on a removable drive or easily move latest them to a new location.

PS. I work on Daminion Software, and will be glad to answer for any questions here or on our forum.

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