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  • December 10, 2018, 02:09 AM
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Sounds like certain elements of that website need to be loaded completely, before you can log in.

If you have an option to dynamically add code to a page, you could perhaps create a trigger that acts when those elements are completely loaded.

First you will need to find out what those elements are, then there is the problem of adding support for dynamically adding code/trigger to a page and then of course create code for the trigger. Doesn't sound like an quick and easy fix. Especially with so little background information.

Perhaps an add-on like 'GreaseMonkey' could help with the dynamically adding the code/trigger to the website in question.

This link might prove useful for the trigger:

Living Room / Re: The quest for a completely silent PC
« on: December 07, 2018, 10:15 PM »
I always get a funny feeling in my tummy when I look at Russian dolls now.
You get a funny feeling in your tummy? Spare a thought for the Russian dolls, they have much more to stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach...
-cranioscopical (December 06, 2018, 08:15 AM)
That's a rather insightful comment. Is that what they call "duodenal insight"?

Not in and off itself, no...

I use uMatrix in FF. All news site open just fine. uMatrix blocks any or all of the following ads/scripts/media/images/frame/css/xhr in any of the combinations you configure it to. And it does so per website. I am barely bothered by any ad, cookie, tracker scripts, (external) images etc.

Don't know why people keep bothering so much with ad-blocker this or that. In my anecdotal experience, uMatrix has all of them beat. Yes, all those items being blocked can lead to layout mishaps and some things might not function as you would expect. But then you can start enabling items in the matrix until the site and/or functionality works again and store those settings. And you can do this per website. All that configuring could be considered more of a job, instead of an easy-peasy solution, but I think the extra configuration work will be to your benefit in the end.

I visit a lot of Dutch newspaper web sites, so checking those would be useful to no-one, except for fellow Dutchies or Flemiings here in the forum. Also, whenever it is possible, I do not click on the 'Accept cookies' button from a web site. On some sites that stops a lot of scripts running in the background as well.

Advocate of the devil here:  Would it then not become just a numbers game?  This post is liked by x amount of people on this forum? What does that add exactly?

I visit other sites where people can indicate how much they like a post on that website. It doesn't add anything content-wise, not without the "liker" giving a reason why he/she likes that post. And if "liker" doees that, he/she might as well type a new post anyway.

Personally speaking: Of course, the amount of likes could mean that a particular post is valuable, but that also means that you would need a way to highlight them or find other ways to get the post the attention it deserves. The amount of likes can also allow for a filter to those who only want to see posts that have at 2 or more likes for example. While such things may work on other sites, forum posts on DC I find interesting enough to go through all of them. Besides, the best curator of posts I want to read is me, not some arbitrary number.   

Living Room / Re: is there life without Microsoft Store?
« on: November 29, 2018, 06:34 AM »
Follow this link for the installer on

This link is available on the photoscape website itself. That is, if you are not hell bent on getting Photoscape X. Which is not specifically mentioned on their website, only when downloading for Windows 10. If you take a look at their changelog page, the only versions that are mentioned are ....well, not the X version. So, I would just use the installer if you want a MS Store free experience.

That reminds me of the little joke
Masochist: "Hit me..."
Sadist: "....No"


Do you get interruptions or asking for password when Ymail messes up with updates?

Nope, I prefer to receive my email with close to 100% success rate, so I don't use Yahoo.

Running my own mail server on my own domain...That has proven to be a good way to send/receive mail reliably for almost 14 years now. ;)

Living Room / Re: New SSd in an aging PC
« on: November 25, 2018, 06:35 PM »
Right?!. I have older boards here that also have no problem with >2TByte drives. So it shouldn't be an issue in the first place. But it is my reality. I really had to go to the manufacturers website *SeaGate, in this case) and get software to manage the extra space. It is included in a specific version of their partition management software. Which is not available on their site anymore. So, I'm guarding that piece of software by copying it on every drive I own or work with.

Besides that though, the board is excellent in everything it does.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018
« on: November 25, 2018, 09:07 AM »
True, people do go for the sensation of getting a thing at discount prices. It is also subject to diminishing returns.

If, for example: I drop by your house and brink your favorite cake for you to eat. You will be happy. If I then return with another unit of the same cake, you won't be as happy as the first time, but you'll still like it. If I return again with another unit of the same cake, you'll be angry and tell me to get lost with that ff''ing cake.

This also happens when you buy lots of different things. Less fast than buying the same item, but it still happens. People think they can get the same feeling from the first time back by spending on bigger items. But that barely works. Add to all of this an artificial time-limit and people keep falling into the same trap. In the mean time a lot of retail business has taken place and made a profit.

Which is why I don't go for that kind of crap at all anymore. I'll look for the best item I can buy, at a time that I deem best without a time-limit. Brings me peace of mind and I usually end up with (much) higher quality products that last longer and not having so much stuff gives me peace of mind. Which I treasure most of all.

Living Room / Re: New SSd in an aging PC
« on: November 24, 2018, 02:07 PM »
With any drive over 2GTByte, make sure your motherboard supports that. Older MoBo's often are limited to 2TByte. Which means that if you would buy an 8TByte drive, it would work, but the max partition size is 2TByte. You will need to install extra software that uses tricks to make the remainder of storage capacity available to your system. In the end you will end up with 8TByte disk that is split up in 4 partitions of 2TByte each.

And then you will notice a Windows issue about supporting 4 primary partitions max. That little boot partition Windows creates already occupies 1 of those four primary partitions. Still no real issue, but it requires to revert to logical volumes instead. Windows should do this automagically, but you should read up on those things to see what the implications are.

Crappy thing is that this 2TByte stupidity still occurs on (mostly) cheaper boards from all manufacturers, both old and brand new. So, investigate first before committing to purchasing really big drives.

I have here an Asus A88 deluxe Pro board that is now close to 3 years old. Wasn't cheap to purchase and the Pro in it's name doesn't indicate a cheap board either. The available hardware features on the board do not indicate it is a cheap board.  Yet that 2TByte stupidity is there. The 3TByte spinning disk I bought at the time had to be divided into 2 partitions. Tools like HD Sentinel can see the disk, but not report any data back on it. And at the time there was only software available for Windows to make the excess of 2TByte storage capacity available. So, if I ran Linux, I would have been wasting money on extra capacity that the hardware on the board cannot even address.

Really, do your research, before buying >2TByte drives.

Living Room / Re: New SSd in an aging PC
« on: November 24, 2018, 07:18 AM »
Well, Depending on the amount of software you think you need to install, even a 120GByte SSD will do. It did in my case. I upgraded a 7-year old system at that time with a 120GByte SSD (Samsung Evo 840) as a boot drive. It was like working on a new computer again.

While the comment from ConstanceJill is a good and valid one, given the specs of your machine, I assume you are not that avid of a gamer. Well, not the latest games that require huge texture files to load at an instant. In that case you can easily keep them on your standard spinning disk. Especially if that is a more modern one that comes with a lot of Cache memory. Thing is, by separating Windows from your games or data, the content on the spinning hard disk will not fragment that much and after a while the Windows file-system has optimized the content of that disk anyway.

Fragmenting is/was a big performance killer with spinning disks. But as you keep that now separate, You will find that by spending less on your SSD, you have more money left for other parts, like bigger/better videocard, a faster or bigger monitor. Or simply a second monitor (if you did not have such a setup already). Or the money saved can be used to start saving up for a new computer, tablet etc.

Living Room / Re: Movies you've seen lately
« on: November 22, 2018, 05:33 PM »
My Name Is Earl - A great series that was axed too soon.

However, if you are a fan of the obvious and hidden humor in that series, the creator (Greg Garcia) has a new series, called: The Guestbook. That is also very funny....and you see a few actors from 'My Name Is Earl' re-appear (but in very different roles). Recommended!

Another series that you should start to watch is: The Rookie. Nathan Fillion (FireFly, Castle) is one of the rookies in the L.A.P.D. That show mixes comedy and drama from situations that occur on the streets over there. It is better than you think. Mellisa O'Neil is also one of the rookies. You could know her from the underrated sci-Fi series 'Dark Matter'...also axed too soon.

Living Room / Re: How to find the file of a saved Snapchat video?
« on: November 22, 2018, 06:36 AM »
Are you sure the camera app in the RedMi phone hasn't been removed (unintentionally)?

Living Room / Re: How to find the file of a saved Snapchat video?
« on: November 22, 2018, 06:33 AM »
If you know around which time you saved the video, you could do a generic file search for files being created/modified around that time. The search results should show the file size and where they are located. If an unclear name or extension is used for the actual video file,  the file size and location could help you identify which file is the video and copy/move it to a more memorable location on your drive, the cloud or whatever.

Ymail looks to be Yahoo Mail. Taking a look at the text in the Google Store I would say no.

Why would anyone want the filth of Yahoo on their device AND connect it to the very different, yet equally filthy Exchange system? That sure reveals some serious character flaws :P

Took me 5 seconds to find out....

You could also use the Outlook App from Microsoft. That can connect with Exchange, but also with GMail and Yahoo mail.

And this search on the Google Store would have shown you all the apps that have Exchange support.

Please check the attachment for a virus. Although I don't think there is malware included, I found it on a website, which might resort to that kind of thing. My Windows defender was not triggered. And the VirusTotal check stated that Cylance was the only product that regarded it as unsafe. 62 others marked it as clean.

Why it didn't show up in the WayBack archive, no clue. They do a marvelous job, but don't expect them to cover every website in existence, at least not all the time. The software I found is an executable, not the AHK source code.

* Edit * - Added comment

You could buy a cheap IP camera and let it mail you when motion has been detected. There are usually a few (interval) screenshots included with the message. You could then make a specific alert in your mail client whenever that camera sends you a message. If you already have an somewhat automated home, you might even be able to create audio/visual alerts this way.

Problem solved.  ;)

ring and run is the norm.

Quite often it's fling and run around here!
-cranioscopical (November 19, 2018, 07:42 AM)

So, you fling a comment towards the wife and then you need to I understand that correctly?  :P

That laptop was given to me. I suppose I know now where that special K key went.....

Screenshot Captor / Re: Licensing advise
« on: November 17, 2018, 05:54 AM »
Never heard of that type of license before. And without the name of the software and or company that gives out these licenses, there is not much to tell.

So generally speaking:  If the license tells you that you are allowed to do so, then yes. Licenses that allow for software to be installed on more than one computer make this very clear. Those are also the exception to the rule. Most licenses only allow the software to be installed on one computer at any given time. So, to err on the side of caution: No, you are not allowed to to install the software with that license on more than one computer.

However, if you want to throw caution into the wind, install the software on your laptop as well. If you are lucky, the software will not complain about the license being used twice. And if you are unlucky, it will. Please note that I say your laptop. That implies you are the owner of both the computer and laptop, so not a laptop that is provided to you because of your job.

Lots of text to say that that you should read the provided license more thoroughly, or give us more information about the software and/or company that gives out this weirdly named license.

Coding Snacks / Re: Fullscreen DiscoLight with a custom palette
« on: November 17, 2018, 05:34 AM »
I remember having such a feature on my PlayStation one. Where I first needed to load a disc with the software for generating the patterns and then a music CD to make the patterns (and path of the camera) move/change to the rhythm of the music.

While that might not be the exact thing requested by Rockets, that stuff was only fun for a rather short while. Something similar could be achieved by turning the volume completely down, then you would still have the "randomness" in the patterns, but not the sound of the music.

If memory serves me, was there not a plugin for music players, like WinAmp, called: Milkdrop (or something like that)? That should cover most, if not all, of the requested features.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PDF-XChange Pro
« on: November 16, 2018, 12:49 AM »
If you are into scripting and want to create PDFs from existing documents, you could also take a look at PanDoc. For my purposes (converting lightly formatted, mostly text-based Word documents and wiki pages to PDF) this works pretty fast and satisfactory. And it saved me from having to install PDF printer software on my system. Caveat, I try to keep my PCs as mean and lean as possible.

PanDoc is free to use in any type of environment, if I read the license document correctly. It was originally intended to convert documents to/from Latex, but as the years went by, more and more support for very different types of documents was added. Google results show that GUI tools for PanDoc have been made by 3rd parties/hobbyists, so that might help you over the script only nature of the PanDoc software.

Myself, I prefer the script version, so I have tried any of the available GUIs for it myself. Just thought to mention it.

Haven't looked for anything else after discovering appears to be the place where fed up programmers from Teamviewer end up. I use that software to connect a system, where I can connect with other systems I need to have access to. Similar to a step-stone server setup if you will.

Because of that one connection AnyDesk is very lenient. That software will bother you to get their commercial variant when you have lots of different computers you frequently connect to, because that usually means you are using this software in a business environment and in those cases AnyDesk does want to see money for the services they provide.

It's a tiny download, fast and free for lots of use cases. You can even use it without installing the software permanently, if that is a thing you desire. By "ticking all these boxes" I had and have no desire to look for anything else.

Perhaps AnyDesk can mean the same to you. Or not, of course.

Disclaimer: There is no affiliation between AnyDesk and my person, just being a happy user.

General Software Discussion / Re: The Bat - importing FossaMail
« on: November 13, 2018, 06:44 PM »
I would go the MailStore Home-route. With that software you can get the messages you have been collecting in your FossaMail client . While it may not say that it supports FossaMail directlyy, Fossamail is a fork of Thunderbird and that one is supported in MailStore Home.

When that import is done, MailStore Home can export your messages in different formats. You can choose one that is supported by The Bat (.eml) if there isn't an option to import your content into Tjhe Bat directly. Mail filter rules and your contact book are not backed up in MailStore Home, but exporting those in a .csv file from FossaMail is often the easiest way to get contacts imported into another mail client.

MailStore Home is freeware. Not sure if you could use 'Mozilla Backup' (freeware last time I checked) in combination with FossaMail, but you could give that a try too.

Mining for new BitCoin (not trading in existing BitCoin) is expensive in every way. Yes, you can put up a simple 500 USD system and start mining with it, but don't expect to find new BitCoin any time soon. BitCoin is notoriously inefficient to "mine" and this is by design. More or less all the "low hanging fruit" has already been picked.

A system that gives you a reasonable shot at gaining new BitCoin is going to cost you. You still need many GPUs, preferably a motherboard with enough PCI lanes to properly support these GPUs, a processor that can support those lanes as well, a power supply that can support this setup, a case that allows for all this equipment to be mounted in and you will be needing an airconditioned room to put this contraption in. Several thousands of USD such a system will cost you. Still nothing compared with actual mining equipment.

Depending on your geographical location and your power source, you will keep spending a varying amount for the monthly electricity bill. Here in Paraguay, which has hydro source of electricity (and a shitty grid in most of the country), such a system would easily cost you around 300 USD a month (with the current exchange rate). Electricity is quite cheap here.

Even with a rig like that, getting new BitCoin will take quite some time. And with the wildly varying value of BitCoin, it could either be very profitable or a big loss leader for you. Might as well buy a lottery ticket. A lot less effort on your end, admittedly a lot less chance of getting lucky, but the payout can be massive. The environment will appreciate the lottery route more.

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