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  • September 25, 2018, 03:30 PM
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Former title: Where is Win 10 hiding wallpapers?

I wanted to test a wallpaper-changing program on my PC, x64 Windows 10 Home, so I went to desktop right-click > Private Settings > Background > Background > Picture (not Slideshow or Color, but Image / Photo / Picture), and was chocked to see a picture of my ex!! Understand that I know for sure that I deleted this picture long ago, and I am not aware of any copy anywhere on my PC! Nevertheless, Explorer presented me with the option to have her be my wallpaper again, so somewhere there obviously is a copy! The picture is only available via Settings..., it is not saved in the normal Pictures folder, or in any public folder. I have searched for several hours, but I haven't found any option to navigate to this particular picture, or to delete it.

In the old days (incl. Win 7), any wallpaper would be wallpaper.bmp, but nowadays I am unable to find where Windows is hiding the (backgrounds and) wallpapers. Of course the official address for me is C:\Users\Curt\Pictures , but as I said, I have long time ago deleted the original of that particular picture, so it isn't there, now!

Do you have any idea where Windows might be hiding this picture? :tellme:

Found Deals and Discounts / at last: Softmaker Office PORTABLE
« on: July 23, 2018, 08:32 AM »
Giveaway of the day today, Monday 23 July 2018

To my understanding it is the first portable suite from SoftMaker:

The office suite can be installed to a USB flash drive so that it can be used on any PC without installation.

It is free today, but in the long run this "abo" subscription concept is more expensive.

SoftMaker Office NX Home for Windows (6-months subscription)

SoftMaker Office for Windows as an inexpensive subscription for 6 months. Always current: All updates and upgrades included for free during your subscription.

Flexible license: Licensed for one household with up to 5 computers, or for 1 commercial user with up to 5 computers.

About the same time as the latest update from Microsoft was installed, I also installed Nitro 12 Pdf editor. So when I realized that I no longer was able to print to pdf, I could not be sure if the error was made by Microsoft or by Nitro. When searching for a solution, I stumbled upon the old freeware from Print Spooler Repair Tool. I say old, because the text is only saying >for WindowsXP , Vista, windows 7, windows 8.<, but fact is it has been updated for Win 10 as well.

It is also saying >Please run this tool in Safemode mode<, but I ran it as it was, and everything went well.

https://www.techsupp...-service-is-missing/ > scroll down to Method 1 > Automatic Fix it > Download Print-Spooler-Repair-Tool.exe Freeware (2308 KB)
The page is very informative and includes a lot of relevant tips (Method2 > Manual Steps)

General Software Discussion / A sign of life from WinMerge
« on: May 28, 2018, 06:38 PM »
WinMerge 2.15.2 is a so-called alpha version, so last stable version is still listed to be version 2.14 from year 2013.

I am running version 2.15.2 ("alpha"), and it's just fine. No problems. However, the installation didn't overwrite the old version, so I am guessing version 2.14 was a 32-bit version (was working fine on my 64-bits), because I then uninstalled the 2.14 and still kept all of my new 2.15.2


>>>WinMerge is a Windows tool for visual difference display and merging, for both files and directories. It is highly useful for determining what has changed between file versions, and then merging those changes.
WinMerge has Unicode support, Flexible syntax coloring editor, Visual SourceSafe integration, and Windows Shell integration.
Regexp filtering for filenames and lines. Side-by-side line difference and highlights differences inside lines.
A file map shows the overall file differences in a location pane. The user interface is translated into several languages.<<<

Here are some notes about release and a plan for the stable version 2.16.0:

download from https://sourceforge....-life-from-winmerge/
freeware, clean

most recent version (2.15.4 at the moment) is at https://bitbucket.or.../winmerge/downloads/


the quite new version 14 for free or with discounted upgrades

see photo:

Living Room / Do you know this piece of music?
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:25 PM »
Can you tell this track's title and artist, please?

It can be a really useful program, and today, Sunday the 4'th of February 2018, it's really user-friendly priced: $14.80 against the normal $40

today's offer: http://www.bitsdujou...h-the-freakin-button
normal homepage:

Platforms: PC: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Svr 2012, Svr 2008, Svr 2003

Push The Freakin' Button Pro is right up our alley!

PTFB Pro is the perfect tool for automating tasks, reducing keystrokes, and best of all, getting rid of all those nagging automated requests that pop-up at the most inopportune times.

In effect, PTFB Pro is a "don't show this again" option for the many prompts and messages that don't have one of their own. Just tell PTFB Pro what buttons to press and when -- you'll never be bothered again!

And then there's the built-in macro recorder. It can record and playback complex sequences of mouse and keyboard actions, allowing you to quickly cut long repetitive tasks down to size.

PTFB Pro can periodically check to see if a program is currently running on your system. It can launch the target program if it isn't running or restart/close the program if it is.

PTFB Pro can even help keep interruptions at bay when you're not at your computer. Use it to keep attention craving applications from running in your absence, to fill out login fields, or even to keep your Internet connections alive!

Please note folks, the latest version brings the following new features: Visual Triggers, Greatly improved command line control for better integration with Powershell and other script shells, Control the clipboard, Track when a macro was last used and easily archive little-used macros and Instantly test your settings on the “Identifying the Target” page. You can read more

Today's promotion:
PTFB Pro - Single License v5.1.2.0 ($14.80)
PTFB Pro - 5 License Value Pack v5.1.2.0 ($53.65)
A Sophisticated Mouse Auto Clicker

PTFB Pro has some handy features not typically found in an auto-clicker (as well as all the features you might expect!)
Powerful Macro Recorder
A Powerful Macro Recorder

A simple, intuitive interface and a whole host of features that power users will love.
Monitor, alert, resolve, log
Monitor, Alert, Resolve, Log

PTFB Pro sits quietly in your system tray monitoring your applications and workflow. When it identifies a situation where it can help it instantly takes action - optionally alerting you and logging the incident.
-Technology Lighthouse

Found Deals and Discounts / new MainType Font Manager 8.0 on sale
« on: January 25, 2018, 04:42 PM »
High-Logic B.V.png
Reminder: Don't Miss the MainType Specials!

Dear customer,
Just in case you've been out of town or missed it for another reason: only six days to go for the MainType promotion.

This brand new version supports variable fonts, includes new font properties and allows you to import and export font ratings and font tags. It comes with plugins for Adobe InDesign, a brand new icon set, improved support for high-resolution monitors, and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

All information about MainType can be found here:

Order before Wednesday, January 31 and save up to $24 if you get a new license. Existing customers can buy an upgrade starting from $25.

If you switch from some other font editing software (e.g. FontLab, or Fontographer) or font management software (e.g. Suitcase, FontAgent, or FontExpert) please contact our sales department (http://www.high-logi...ort/tickets/open.php) with the name of the product you are currently using for a cross-upgrade offer. Outdated copies of other software usually entitle you to 25% off while recent copies give you a whopping 50% discount!
-High-Logic B.V.

MainType was rated 4.6 (/5) based on 43 reviews
Free Edition also available.

High-Logic B.V. is also the producer of Scanahand and FontCreator



Living Room / 10 Questions Answered by Writers on their Writing Life
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:54 AM »
This survey was completed by 740 writers who use one or more of our software applications for writers (Atomic Scribbler, SmartEdit and PageFour). Ten questions were asked about their writing life.
-Darren, Bad Wolf Software

Read the full survey at: 10 Questions Answered by Writers on their Writing Life - Atomic Scribbler

The Questions
  •     Q1. Have you published a novel or short story?
  •     Q2. Are you working on a novel or short story at the moment?
  •     Q3. Which genre do you tend to write in?
  •     Q4. Do you regularly work on your novel on more than one device?
  •     Q5. Which software do you use for your writing?
  •     Q6. Did you study creative writing at school or college?
  •     Q7. Which, if any, writing communities do you frequent online?
  •     Q8. Are you part of an offline writers group?
  •     Q9. Plotter or pantser?
  •     Q10. Male or female?
Key Highlights
  •     44% of writers regularly work on their novel on more than one device.
  •     58% of writers still use Microsoft Word as a regular part of their writing toolkit.
  •     34% of writers say they write Science Fiction or Fantasy.
  •     6% of writers say they write Literary fiction.
  •     20% or writers are part of an offline writers group.
  •     Private Facebook groups dominate online writing communities.
  •     Romance is the second most popular genre for writers.

Found Deals and Discounts / WinPatrol Ultimate bundle (deal off now)
« on: December 24, 2017, 02:02 AM »
original thread title: WinPatrol Ultimate bundle 90% off today only

normally $200, today only $20:

Lifetime License for WinAntiRansom PLUS, WinPatrol PLUS, WinPrivacy PLUS

Non-Windows Software / Code-It is now also writing for Linux
« on: October 28, 2017, 05:18 PM »
Beginning from 2010 I have mentioned Code-It a couple of times, first on http://www.donationc....msg213723#msg213723 He ("MikeB") makes software for Windows and sells it suspiciously cheap! Now he is writing for Linux as well; I guess he likes their philosophy on pricing...

For those of you that might be interested -
I have released several new Linux software apps today.
Take a look at

Thanks for your continued support and have a GREAT weekend,

Copyright © 2017 Code-it Software Solutions, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this newsletter as a member of the Code-it Brotherhood.
Our mailing address is:
Code-it Software Solutions
Box 171
Midwest, Wy 82643

Add us to your address book

Found Deals and Discounts / Finally: PORTABLE Revo Uninstaller on sale!
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:26 PM »
The portable version, Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable, has been wanted on sale for a very long time - and now it's here. And then I don't notice until the sale almost is over! Well, at least there're still another 9½ HOURS to get it at this favourable price:

$14.25 $69.25

If you’re relying on the uninstaller that came with your operating system, chanced are good that your computer is just filled with leftover files and other unneeded stuff that don’t get removed. That’s why you need to get today’s discount software promotion, Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable!

Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable lets you complete remove programs, including data left over following system attempts at uninstallation. With Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable, you’ll be able to avoid problems with updates caused by leftover program components, and finally get around to completely uninstalling trouble applications that you’ve had to put up with for a long time.

Best of all, Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable provides you with a real-time installation monitor that tracks all changes made to your system whenever you install a program, so you’ll always be prepared for a neat and clean uninstall. Throw in a junk files cleaner, and Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable becomes an indispensable part of your workflow!
-Bits du Jour

This is a very fine but also very seldom offer

Living Room / 60 years. Am I now allowed to be grumpy?
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:39 PM »
Yeah, my b-day is today, the 8'th of September. But the age is 60 now. Ouch, 60!!

.. you come across as someone young at heart  :)
I wil take it as a compliment: Thank you, Darwin,....I think.  8)
Curt - in case I miss it - Happy Birthday!
Thank you, Darwin! Actual (sorry!), I am a little afraid I might miss it myself...

I didn't miss it back then, and I didn't miss it today either. It was nice to be celebrated at work, and I am looking forward to my party tomorrow. What freaks me out is that 10 more years passed by just like that! It's terrifying how fast time goes by. But you won't understand it if you still are young.

"60". Hm... there is something about this number. Am I now allowed to be grumpy?

Definitions of grumpy
bad-tempered and sulky.
"Read a selection of past interviews and you're left with a picture of a truculent, grumpy old curmudgeon."

Living Room / Avangate is now 2CHECKOUT
« on: August 30, 2017, 04:31 PM »
Warning: Avangate is now 2CHECKOUT and dodgy :-(
-Original title of this thread:

-but I've modified it a couple of days later, because after emailing forth and back and forth, I now think "it all" was a misunderstanding.

Zoe (Apowersoft Support Center)
2017-09-01 01:34:49
Dear user,

Sorry about it, yes, we will just correct it, from our background platform, we just found that your status is normal, you can use it for lifetime, you do not need to renew the program any more.

If you have any further problems or concerns then please feel free to contact us again. Best regards Zoe Apowersoft Support Center


I received an email from Avangate <[email protected]> saying my license key for Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is about to expire and I must renew license within 7 days OR PROGRAM WILL STOP WORKING! 

My key is a lifetime key, so I hold it to be a lie.

The homepage told that Avangate now is 2CHECKOUT.

so I now have to warn against Avangate and this 2CHECKOUT  :mad:


+ discussion forum:

It has been more than 5 years since the last time, Skybound Stylizer was mentioned here at DC. Back then they were at version 5, but now they have launched version 7. Free trial, no signup.

Stylizer 7 = $79, but with 30-day money back guarantee. HOWEVER, I simply need to show you this: I upgraded my license key almost 10 years ago - TEN YEARS!  - and yet I have now upgraded to version 7 FOR FREE!!


The old installer was 15MB, the new is merely 3½MB!


We are proud to present the next chapter in our quest to produce the world's finest CSS editor: Stylizer 7.
Designing CSS manually can be extremely difficult and frustrating. The benefit of Stylizer is that you can quickly fix CSS problems and see how code changes will appear visually.

Say goodbye to the reload button! In Stylizer, your changes are immediately displayed in all browsers, in real-time—literally as you type or move the mouse. This is a substantial productivity boost for designers of all skill levels.

Space bar, click anywhere, style anything
Bullseye transforms your workflow into an efficient process of point, click, and code.

Immediate preview before you even save
Your style sheets open automatically and your changes appear instantly—as you type, click, or drag the mouse.

Switch instantly between major browsers
Side-by-side preview panes make responsive cross-browser design a breeze.


HTML Elements:
Stylizer 7 features an all-new HTML Elements panel integrated into Bullseye and designed specifically for CSS. Use it to target hard-to-click elements and to understand the structure of the page you're styling.

Expose the magic behind the scenes. A clear view of your HTML. Stylizer provides a real-time tree of the HTML DOM. Use it to drill down into elements that are invisible or difficult to click with Bullseye, to quickly highlight and target adjacent elements, and to understand the overall structure of the page. The HTML DOM viewer is a compact panel, opens quickly when you need it, and stays out of your way when you don't.

Stylizer 7 now features a pane that reveals the entire CSS DOM in real-time. Integrated with Bullseye and synchronized with the Code Grid, this pane provides a new avenue to understanding how the browser is actually interpreting your CSS.

Inline Styles:
Stylizer 7 integrates inline style sheets into Bullseye results—finally. No more unexplained styles appearing to ruin your day.

But that's not all, folks...
    New Look & Feel: We've redrawn the user interface from the top of the menu to the bottom of the breadcrumb to give it a modern, unintrusive feel on both Windows and Mac.

    Customizable Toolbar: You can now customize the toolbar to include additional buttons for your favorites like Stakeout, Rulers, and the all-new HTML Elements panel.

    Windows: 64-bit Binary: Stylizer now runs as a 64-bit application on Windows, and the browser plugins have been updated with 64-bit versions as well. (A 32-bit version is still available)

    Stable and Beta Update Channels: You can now opt-in to receive Stylizer 7 updates that are marked as "beta" and download and install them the same way you receive other updates.


1. HTML Elements Panel

Stylizer 7 now provides a real-time view of the HTML DOM. Use it to drill down into elements that are invisible or difficult to hit with Bullseye, to quickly highlight and Bullseye adjacent elements, and to understand the overall structure of the page.

The Elements panel can be quickly toggled on and off when you need it. Each preview pane has its own panel, and you can dock them against any edge.

2. CSS DOM Viewer

Stylizer 7 can show you a real-time tree of the browser's view of your style sheets—the CSS DOM. Due to differences between browsers, the CSS you write almost never ends up being interpreted by the browser exactly as you wrote it. The CSS DOM pane not only reveals which rules and declarations were accepted by the browser, it's even smart enough to recognize which declarations in your source code produced which declarations in the DOM.

The CSS DOM viewer is linked in real-time to the Code Grid, highlighting and updating as you work. In the screenshot above, notice how Stylizer has identified the first two declarations in the DOM rule (on the left) as being produced by the border-left declaration currently selected in the Code Grid (on the right).

The CSS DOM viewer is an integrated part of the HTML Elements panel. If you have multiple preview panes open at once, the Code Grid will be linked to all of them, revealing subtle differences between browsers that are often the reason some problems take hours instead of minutes to fix.

3. New Look-and-Feel

We've redrawn the user interface from the top of the menu to the bottom of the breadcrumb to give it a subtle, lightweight, more modern feel. The application-wide dark theme has now returned as an option in Stylizer 7. We hope you'll find it pleasing whether you're using a Retina Mac, HiDPI Windows computer, or just an ordinary display.

4. Inline Style Sheets

Style sheets embedded within your HTML in <style> tags are now a part of Bullseye. Rules in these style sheets appear alongside other Bullseye results, and the style sheets themselves can be opened into the CSS DOM viewer.

In the screenshot above, notice the rules affecting the selected CSS "color" property are being sourced from (1) an external CSS file (2) a rule in a <style> tag, and (3) an inline style declaration.


Other Great Improvements

    Customizable Toolbar You can now customize the toolbar to include additional buttons for things like Stakeout, Rulers, and Bookmarks. Right-click on the drop-down button with the browser icon on it to add or remove buttons.

    Single Bullseye Pane Stylizer 7 now displays one persistent Bullseye results pane, anchored to the bottom of the window, and shared between all preview panes. This provides more width to display results for narrow panes, and ensures the preview window stays the same shape when entering and leaving Bullseye.

    Updated Browser Plugins We've updated the browser plugins to Firefox 54 and Chrome 59, with regular updates to follow.

    Stable and Beta Update Channels You can now opt-in to receive Stylizer 7 updates that are marked as "beta" and download and install them the same way you receive other updates. Find the option in the About Stylizer window.

    Windows: 64-bit Binary Stylizer now runs as a 64-bit application on Windows, and the browser plugins have been updated with 64-bit versions as well. (A 32-bit version of Stylizer 7 is also available).

    Windows: Better Compatibility With Anti-Virus Products Because of the unconventional way Stylizer integrates web browsers into its preview panes, it has often been flagged as a "false positive" by anti-virus products. With Stylizer 7, many internal components have been rewritten to significantly reduce the likelihood of a conflict with an anti-virus product.

    Windows: New Installation And Update Engine We've replaced our old installer and automatic updater with a snappy new engine that installs and delivers updates more fashionably and reliably than ever before.

    Mac: Better Error Recovery Stylizer for Mac is now able to recover from many different kinds of errors, and we've improved the error reporting engine too to help us fix problems faster.

    Mac: TLS/1.2 Support Stylizer 7 now works correctly with web servers that require all HTTPS traffic to arrive over TLS/1.2.


Download Stylizer 7 now. Installs in seconds. Does not overwrite Stylizer 6

Today on Flickr:

Flickr and Yahoo are now part of “Oath” and are members of the Verizon family


(this link is for "eu". I cannot show you the american version):

Q: What has changed?
A: Yahoo is now part of ‘Oath’, a digital and mobile media company with more than 50 brands globally (including Yahoo, HuffPost, Engadget, TechCrunch, Moviefone and Makers), and a member of the Verizon family of companies working to shape the future of media. Oath strives to create a passionate and engaged community of users by building content and products that inspire and entertain the world.

Q: Why am I receiving this notice?
A: We would like to inform you in advance that, as of 18 September 2017, Yahoo and Oath plan to share some user information within the Verizon family of companies (more)

Found Deals and Discounts / Copywhiz -40% on 2nd + 3rd Aug
« on: August 02, 2017, 01:06 PM » for Windows

40% off (for still another 36 hours), making the asking price $17.95 instead of the normal $30

homepage, features and screenshots: and

$29.95 $59.95

PDFelement 6 PRO
A complete solution for all your PDF needs

Edit PDFs like Word
It's never been easier to edit any Microsoft™ office files without compromising formatting & style. Take control of your Office documents by adjusting or changing the font type, size and style, without losing font and formatting.

Convert PDF from & to multiple formats
Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, RTF, or text and images including JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.

Convert over 500 PDF files at one time. Quick and easy.

• Extremely smooth text editing.
• Create and edit PDF forms with ease.
• Convert PDF from & to multiple formats: Word, Excel, Image, Text...
• Add text field, check box; annotations and Comments.
• Secure and sign PDF Files.
• Add watermarks, backgrounds, headers and footers.
• Access to hundreds of PDF templates.

Compare Standard versus PRO at

This sounds as good value for the money?

Have you tried this program and have a say, please?  :tellme:

Living Room / Can I trust bookdownloadforfree > filesfetcher?
« on: June 02, 2017, 06:21 PM »
Can I trust bookdownloadforfree > creativeserver > filesfetcher?

I want to save some money and get a certain ebook for free. However, the storage (filesfetcher) will have my credit card informations beforehand. They appear very trustworthy, but the process is making me nervous. I usually don't hand over such private informations before having something. And then I thought, instead of testing and hoping, why not just ask the forum!

Dear Forum: Do you have any experience with myFilesFetcher and can tell if I can trust them my credit card data?

Found Deals and Discounts / Disktrix UltimateDefrag v. 5
« on: May 30, 2017, 05:41 PM »
$30 or $18

They claim it's new:

  • August 2010: UltimateDefrag Version 3 is here! As an owner of previous versions of UltimateDefrag, you are eligible for a reduced price upgrade of just $17.95, which is 40% off the regular price.
  • June 2012: We´re pleased to announce UltimateDefrag Version 4. As a purchaser of a previous version, you´re entitled to a 40% discount off the normal price. You pay just $17.97 for an upgrade.
  • May 2017: UltimateDefrag Version 5 is here. We are offering you the opportunity to upgrade at a 40% DISCOUNT off. YOU PAY ONLY $17.97 and you can install on 3 PCs when you  enter the coupon code: (x) when you order.
-Disktrix UltimateDefrag

(x)= They have not told me not to tell the coupon code. It is: UD5UPG

Regarding Solid State Drives:

>>UltimateDefrag also works with SSD (Solid State Drives) however since SSD's do not suffer the same physical structure limitations that slow hard drives you will not see any performance benefits from the file placement routines. If you still want to defrag your SSDs then choose UltimateDefrag's consolidation method with no options but FragProtect for complete defrags that move minimal amounts of data. <<

I don't dare to trust this feature. SSD can easily be harmed by defragging! But the article went on:

>>At the end of the day for those who fear that their SSD will wear out due to too much file writing, UltimateDefrag will move minimal amounts of data when you select FragProtect and also built in inplace defragging will also only move fragments that it needs to to make your files contiguous.<<

I had no idea: You can have Windows Media Player toolbar in Win 7 - 10 as well!

WMPToolbar.jpg WMP+Toolbar.jpg

The pictures are from my Win 10.

Go to and follow the instructions. The best surprise in a long time!


Normal price: $39.25 Today $8.95

Today's promotion:
Revo Uninstaller Pro – 1 Computer License  v3.1.9 ($8.95)
Revo Uninstaller Pro – 2 Computers License v3.1.9 ($12.58)
Revo Uninstaller Pro – 3 Computers License v3.1.9 ($18.87)
Revo Uninstaller Pro – 4 Computers License v3.1.9 ($25.16)
Revo Uninstaller Pro – 5 Computers License v3.1.9 ($31.45)

Compare various versions, Free, Pro, Portable (Portable is not on sale today): https://www.revounin...r_free_download.html .

When I moved my files to this computer (x64 Windows 10 Home), I accidentally & unfortunately used a program that has erased almost all original info   and changed every jpg "Created Time". This is sad to me, because no matter how trigger happy I might be, I did not shoot 2150 pictures within a couple of minutes!

I realize I cannot recreate the original info or saved / created time, but I know I can copy each picture's "Last write"-time to also become its "Created"-time - and such a compromise is very okay in the situation (I don't care about camera info in general, other than when & where was the picture taken?) However, for now I can only do this one picture at a time - if I try to do it with more files, they have so far copied the same "time", or caused other problems. I need help to do this the proper batch way!


Do 'you' know of a program that can do this? Or can & will 'you' write a script to make it happen?   

Found Deals and Discounts / Forensic System on a bootable stick
« on: May 02, 2017, 03:52 AM »
Engelmann from Germany has some simple but okay programs: Their Forensic System could be quite interesting to some of you guys or dolls: >> You can find out everything that has ever happened on your computer using Forensic System."<<

read this email online: "Invalid archive link."

"Still available until May 5, 2017 for just EUR 19.99 instead of EUR 29.99". Cart: offer seems still valid June 23 2017

Forensic System isn’t bound to one PC. You can analyse all the Windows PCs and laptops in your home.

After buying the download version of our Forensic System software, you need to create a bootable USB stick or bootable DVD with included tools. Please first make sure your computer can boot from a USB/DVD.

I was given a PC, to replace the laptop. This means I can use the "old" monitor I have, but never before have used. My problem is that it is 1920x1080 pixels, and my new Windows 10 does not offer this option! So far I have it set to 1600x1200, but that is not looking good  :(


Surely this must be some kind of error?

Help needed, please!

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