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Find And Run Robot / FARR for mac
« on: June 04, 2016, 05:54 PM »
When will this app be released for mac! Really, really need it!!!! :D:D:D

Was wondering to have multiple screenshots of an application, for that I see a few options, are any of these possible already in SSC?

          1) SSC to monitor and automatic take a screenshot if part (lets say 5%) of the screen changes?

          2) script that takes a screenshot everytime the mouse is clicked (so I can click on the application, and a screenshot would automatically be taken without have to click "print screen" or go to SSC)

          3) "Take a video of the desktop!" but I would rather to have individual pictures than a video..

Option 1 is the one that suits me best, Option 2 is a workaround but can work well, and Option 3 does the job but not really what I am looking for!



Is there any built-in way in FARR to run a batch file without launching a “command window”?

There are a few workarounds by means of .vbs files, but it would be much more handy to have an option into FARR for this!

Also, maybe it could be nice to FARR to detect is there is an .ico file with the exactly same name as the .bat file and show the .ico in FARR results instead the generic command prompt icon!




When I start typing a name of a folder (eg: Mus  - for Music!!)  then many related folders show up, and the one I really want goes to top with over 2000 points!!!

That is really what I want, but the problem is that when I start typing, "Mus" I can see that other items are being populated and re-scored at a latter time, and even the correct Music one is being populated with less than 1000points.

This means that I cannot just type "Mus"+Enter because during those initial seconds it still did not reach those 2000points and the folder I really want is not the first one on the list!! So I have to slow down, wait and read before clicking Enter which is a bit slower and also sometimes I end up triggering other folders/files because in the instant I clicked enter the results have changed.

This might be the way FARR is adding score based on each rule... It would be ok that when FARR would find a higher pointed item on the list to redraw it, but in this situation the item is being presented with lower points than what it will have some seconds after... hopefully there is a way to present the item only when all the rules have scored the item or maybe have a historical table with recently "combined scores"

It would be much faster to just type a few letters and click enter and not end up triggering other items because of laggines of update final score, at the end this was a recently used item that I know it will end up in top position and I just want to quickly relaunch it without having read and wait for it to be on top position to click enter!


Find And Run Robot / Folder score
« on: July 08, 2014, 12:10 PM »

When I search for some folder (getting score like 200) and thereafter click "Add scoring rule for this item" and type score 1000, then, next time I search for that folder I still get the previous score of 200... (If I then right click and do the same, I can see the 1000 is stored but somehow not working)

Any suggestions? :)

Screenshot Captor / Startup error due to Decimal symbol
« on: August 13, 2013, 09:02 PM »

I have problems starting SCC in portable mode if the decimal symbol is not the correct one, which it changes if I have to use it in different computers.

Attached screenshot of the event:

scc decimal symbol.PNG[ Invalid Attachment ]

If the decimal symbol is "," then it works, but when it is "." then crashes... and in other computers seems to be opposite...

Suggestions are welcome :)
Congratulations of this great app,



After making a few changes on a screenshot, if a different picture is selected on the "Thumbnail Panel" there will be shown a pop up with a few saving options, a combobox and a "Ok" button.

This topology requires too many clicks and readding everytime one want to just answer "Overrwrite" or "Abandon Changes" and therefore addition of these two buttons instead of just a "Ok" button could be realy a nice thing. (BUG: if you click "X" to close this dialog the "OK" button function is triggered)

Another more complex idea would be to make a "Auto copy to clipboard when ScreenshotCapture looses focus" setting so that one could take a screenshot, make a few changes (Highlight something for example) , and right after changing application (to outlook for example) the picture could be automaticly saved on clipboard, so one could paste it directly...  (At the moment even CTRL+C does not work all the time and one has to go to Edit menu to make a copy... strange...)

Have a great day and thank you for this excelent application

Find And Run Robot / Launch, stay open and continue searching
« on: February 21, 2012, 05:14 PM »
Hi Mouser,

The option ctrl+dlbclick to launch and stay open works really well.

A great functionality that could be added would be to continue the search after launching
(at the moment, if I am searching for some subject, the results are being populated, but, as soon as one file is launched the search stops... that is ok for normal launching.. but with the "launch and stay open" it would be much better if the search would continue...)

What do you think of this idea?

Have a great day!

Find And Run Robot / FARR Problem with running in Portably on Win7
« on: October 02, 2011, 05:01 AM »

I was trying to use this application on a company computer.. The problem is that the computer is using some kind of clouding (I have no details on it) that might be causing some issues

The computer has a Windows 7 64b, and application stored on "D:\FARR\FindAndRunRobot.exe"

Whenever I try to launch it I get some error messages that I below describe

(The server has actually a different name that I do not want to specify here, so I just replaced with

File and Run Robot
is not a Find and Run Robot configuration file.
Please delete it if the problem persists

followed by

File and Run Robot

The settings are from scratch, so I try to add a search directory manually and get:

File and Run Robot
Failed to delete previous temp file

Quitting the application has the same saving the ini/tmp file error.

I have checked the .ini file and it is great, works fine on other computers and I can open it in notepad with no problems...

The problem seems to be the could thing, but its a company policy that I cannot do anything against...

I have tried to run the application in c:\windows\temp in an attempt to trick the could.. but the cloud seems to be binding all the computer folders..

On the other hand, it seems that FARR is not as portable as I first thought:
it goes from D:\FARR\" to that server
I find it strange that is not only the drive is changing from "d:\" to the "\\\" but also the rest of the path from "FARR\.." to "personal\DonationCoder\FileAndRunRobot\"

Is there any thing you could do/suggest to help me with this?

I was using FARR "portable" to keep settings, but I have also tried to use the installation and tried to delete the ini file... same problem: no settings are saved!!

Have a great day :)

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