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Monday October 16, 2017


NANY 2018 Pledge: Codenames Duet Play on Paper Clone

This is a play-on-paper clone of an awesome two-player cooperative word-based board game called Codenames Duet.


Basic rules of the game:
  • A random grid of words is laid out for both players to see.
  • Each player receives a secret "key" telling them which of these words they want the other player to guess or avoid.  These keys are coordinated in the sense that there are a specific number that will be the same as the other player (read rules for details).
  • Then players take turns giving a clue to the other player of a specific form (see detailed rules) and the other player will try to use the clue to identify which card they should choose.
  • Players win as a team if they guess all the correct cards.

My version does things differently since I designed it to be played on paper, but the basic idea is the same.
The created pdf books have some brief instructions but to learn more how to play see the official detailed rules of Codenames Duet:

What I chose to do is write some fairly flexible code that makes print-and-play "books" (pdf files) that can be split up between two players, who can then play the entire game with paper and pencil.
Each page is a separate game/puzzle.
The code can make random books of any size and with difference configuration parameters.

I'll open source the code at NANY time but for now here are two sample books.  Remember that each player gets their own book -- you can't look at the book of your partner!!

If you feel like trying a game (or 10), these two booklets are all you need.  Print them and give each player a book and a pen and you are good to go:


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