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Saturday December 17, 2016


My board game recommendations for family holidays

I thought I would make some recommendations for board games for family gatherings over the holidays.

Note: You can read some of my general board game mini-reviews in this thread: http://www.donationc...ndex.php?topic=23854.

These recommendations will specifically be games that I think are well suited for families with kids and adults of mixed ages.

Codenames or Codenames Pictures
A really wonderful game that can be played in teams with any number of players (best with 4-6), where a team leader tries to get their team to guess cards based on ambiguous clues.
This is a crowd favorite which is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by people of varying skill levels, and it appeals to women as well as men.  Great fun.
Note: While super easy to learn, this is a *thinky* game, and young kids may not appreciate it.
codenames0.jpg codenames1.jpg

Concept and Imagine
These are two games that are similar -- they involve one player trying to give clues to the other players to guess a concept or phrase or thing.  They differ in how the player gives clues, but in both cases the player is forced to be creative in order to convey the meaning.  It has a similar vibe as codenames, and like codenames, it may not be suitable for young children who don't like to stress their brains.
concept.jpg imagine.jpg

Next up is Kaleidos, which is a game for all ages.  Players each look at a picture showing a scene with hundreds of objects.  A random letter is chosen and players hunt for examples of objects in the picture that begin with that letter.
It's frantic fun for all ages, and it's fun to debate with each other about whether an object is a valid example for the given letter.

Read more and add your own recommendations..

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