Are All of the Programs on Free?

Every single program made by us can be used freely without restriction to time or functionality.

In order to encourage donations we do require that non-donators sign up at our forum and download License Keys that are used to extend the use of the program, but you will never have to pay for the use of our software (for personal use).

We think the best term for our software is Donationware: Software that is free but for which you are strongly encouraged to donate.  Because all of our software is free you will sometimes hear it described as freeware as well. Occasionally you may hear it referred to as "Registerware" since registration on our forum is typically required.

The term shareware is almost always used to refer to try-before-you-by fixed price software, and so is not applicable to our programs.  We want you to pay exactly what you think the programs are worth to you, and not a penny more.

Please understand that we aren't trying to make your life miserable by requiring you to download a License Key for our software.  We are committed to the concept of Donationware and free software, we are just trying to find a way to minimally support our work so that we may continue to devote the time to developing, maintaining, and supporting it that we think our users deserve.

Our experience has been that far too many freeware and open source projects become abandoned because the authors cannot afford to spend the time maintaining them or answering support questions. One of the founding principles of is that we are going to ask you to contribute financially to us, and in return we pledge to you that we will be here for you when you need support, and that we will continue to maintain our software so that you never have to worry about it being abandoned.