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Antivirus Reporta Virus or Trojan in one of the Programs (autohotkey related)

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These false alarms from antivirus programs can be very scary for users, and frustrating for us.
i assure you, there are no viruses in software, and we take this issue very seriously.

The false positive virus alerts are usually traced to certain antivirus programs that are super paranoid about "autohotkey",
the language that these programs are written in (probably because when autohotkey creates an exe it looks to an antivirus program like two programs packaged in one).

It's incredibly frustrating when the antivirus tells people it has found viruses.  if you search the internet for the the alarm it gives you and
"autohotkey" youll probably find a bunch of people cursing out the antivirus and having the same problem.

Our advice:

Always treat a warning from an antivirus program with seriousness, and never ignore it.  If you are not convinced it's a false alarm, feel free to  post your observance on our forum or another, and search the web for others getting the same warning, to see what the experts say.

You might want to find option in your antivirus to not do "heuristic" or other "guessing" which might be causing it to false alarm a lot.

We apologize for any scare you might have -- try to see how painful this is from our perspective when a virus scanning program goes around telling people it has found viruses in our software.

These kinds of false alarms do happen though, to even the most reputable companies.  You should always use an antivirus program and always pay attention when it says it finds something -- but never assume that just because it says it found something that it really did.  Always take it with a grain of salt and investigate the issue yourself.
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