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How do the 3rd party shareware discounts and giveaways work?

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In addition to the software we have written ourselves, when members on our forum express an interest in some shareware or commercial software made by another company, we try to contact the company and see if they might be willing to give a discount for our members and donate a few copies for us to give away.

We try to choose a few top products to feature in this way each month.  Unlike other sites we accept to commissions or affiliate fees from these discounts, and we only feature programs where a substantial discount is made available (30% to 50%). Currently running discounts and giveaways:

If you'd like to request that we contact a company to find out if they would offer a discount to our members, post here.

Note: The discounts and giveaways are only available to supporting (donating) members.
[watch screencasts on giveaways or discounts]
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