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Can you tell me what's involved in having my programs be part of

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We're still figuring this part out but here are some preliminary thoughts..

You might want to have your software be officially hosted on If:

  • Your interests are mainly in programming and having a fun user base for feature suggestions and beta testing, as opposed to getting rich quick.
  • You like the idea of donationware and want to be part of the resurgent donationware movement.
  • You're interested in making a little money but keeping your software free.
  • You don't want to have to worry about hosting and bandwidth limits and you'd like to be part of a larger user base and forum community.

You might *not* want to have your software be officially hosted on if:

  • You want to get rich from your programs.  You are not going to get rich from donationware. Ever.  You will be lucky if you get enough donations to buy yourself a cup of coffee each morning.
  • You already have hosting and a web page and are happy with it.  We don't offer much besides hosting and a nice community, so if you're already happy with your existing hosting, there's not much point in moving your software to our site.
  • You aren't interested in talking to your users.  We require that authors who live on our site make an attempt to respond to user questions and discussions.

How do I become an Official Author?

  • We don't have a well set policy for this yet.  The way we've done it thus far is that programmers hang out at our forum and share their software.  We are happy to provide free web space for freeware/donationware authors.
  • After some period of time if we are a good match for each other we may agree to set up a more permanent integrated home for you on our main server.

Use the Contact Us form on this page or post on the forum to discuss the issue more.
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