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What exactly are DonationCredits?

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Comments: 0 is one of only a handfull of sites on the internet boasting our own micro-donation system, where members can easily support work they like by giving out credits to specific authors that can be redeemed for cash.

The basic idea is very simple.  When you make a donation to the site, your donation is actually credited back to you, where you can decide where your money gets spent.  You can give some or all of it to a general site fund, or spread it around to multiple authors on the site whose programs you use, or who have helped you out on the forum.

Read a longer description of DonationCredits:

You can get involved as much or as little in giving out DonationCredits as you like - by default your credits will eventually go into the site fund if they are unused after a year.

However if you discovered our site because you are a user of one of the programs on our site, we strongly encourage you to take the time to specifically send some or all of your DonationCredits to that particular author, as a way of saying thank you and directly supporting them.  Just look for the gold coin next to their name to send them some of your DonationCredits.

[watch screencasts for giving out credits to others or receiving credits from others]
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