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Where Do I Get A License Key?

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With so much information on our web site we know it can be hard to find what you are looking for.

The page on our site where you can download License Keys for our software is here:

If you have not donated and become a supporting member, you can download your free License Keys from that page.  If you are a donating member you should have received a lifetime non-expiring License Key via email, but you can also regerenate a new Supporting Member non-expiring License Key from that page.

Why Do You Make Me Sign Up at Your Forum?

You do need to be signed up at our forum in order to generate a License Key from that page, unless you follow the link to donate a short-term non-signup key.

We apologize for requiring you to sign-up at our forum in order to generate a license key - doing so is the best compromise we have been able to come up with so far to balance the desire to provide free license keys to everyone for prolonged periods, but still encourage people to consider donating to support our work.
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