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I registered at the forum but I never received my "Validation Email" so I can't log in !

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Take a deep breath - this is more common than you'd think!

With all the spam inundating the internet these days, it's actually quite common for the emails from our server and forum to be mistakenly marked as spam when it arrives at your email program for the first time.

When you register at our forum, you are sent a "validation" email message containing a special url (web page) link for you to visit.  By visitng that url the forum knows that you have received the email and that the email address you configured really does belong to you.

If you don't receive a validation email right after you sign up, check the spam/junk mail folders in your email program - see if you can find it there.  This is the most common solution.

If you don't see the validation email in your spam folder - do you use a special spam service that has an online page where you have to go to check for messages marked as spam?  Check there and make sure that you tell your spam blocker to allow email from our server in the future!

Don't hesitate to go back to the forum registration page and click the link requesting that a new validation email be sent to you.

If you realize you signed up at our forum with the wrong email, that's ok.  You can change your bad email address from that same link, or you can simply sign up again with a different email (you may have to exit your browser and restart it before it will let you create a new forum account).

And If you get stuck or confused  - don't panic!  Just contact us using the form on this page and tell us the situation.  We'll take care of it for you happily!
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