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I donated to the site, but I didn't receive my License Key!

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If you donated using Paypal, you should receive an email from with your lifetime non-expiring license key within minutes.  If you donated via one of the other methods, it could take us up to 24 hours to send it out to you.

If you haven't received anything by then - chances are that either your official paypal address is wrong, or that the email from us to you has gotten marked as spam somewhere along the way.

Check in the spam/junk mail folder of your email account - sometimes mail from our server gets filed there by mistake.

What You Should Do

If you didn't get your license key email from our server when you donated - just email us at: or click the "Request More Help" link to the right, and remember to tell us the name that your donation would have come under. You'll hear back from a real person within hours who will solve the problem in no time.

In the extremely rare case that you email us and still don't hear back from us - it may mean that your mail server is blocking our emails. A last resort in this case is to sign up at our forum and make a post about your problem which someone can respond to publicly.
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