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How do I "Cash Out" some or all of the DonationCredits I have received from others?

To do a cash out, go to your forum profile and then on the left in the DonationCredits section click "Request Cash Out".

Or click here for a direct link to that page:.

On the page that comes up, you will be told how many credits in your account are available for cashing out;.  You will notice that you cant normally withdraw money that was put into your account less than 30 days ago, which is a security measure.  This can be waived on a case by case basis, so just ask us or submit the request without regard to this limit.

The money will be sent via paypal to your registered forum email by default, but you should include a note in the request form if you want the paypal money to be sent to a different email address.  We can work out alternative ways to send you the money if paypal won't work for you, just ask.



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