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Where do I put my License Key?

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Some of the larger programs available for download from use a License Keys system to remove expiration dates and donation-reminder "nag" screens.

Remember that the License Keys are used only in some of our software, and only after you have already installed the program on your computer.  Although each program is slightly different, they all accept license keys in approximately the same way:

  • Select the license key text from your email or the web page where you generated it.  It will be multiple lines long and start with *r.
  • Then hit Ctrl+C to copy the license key text to your clipboard.
  • Start the program on your computer and go to the Help menu.
  • Choose the menu item labeled "About" or "About/Enter License Key".
  • An About Box dialog window will pop up showing some information about the program.
  • Click the button on that dialog window labeled "Enter New License Key" (or something to that effect), to show the edit box where your license key will be pasted.
  • If there is an older existing license key already shown in the edit box, select it and hit the Delete key.
  • Now put your cursor in the edit box and hit Ctrl+V to paste in your new license key text (if you forgot to copy your new license key to the clipboard that's ok, go copy it now from your email or web page and then paste it).
  • Click the OK button to accept the new license key.
  • To make sure your new license key was accepted, open the Help menu and select the About box again and you should now see your name and info in the about box.
Still need help? Just use the "Contact Us" form on this page or, even better, post a question about your problem on our forum.

To get a free key without donating, visit this page.

NEW! Watch a video demonstration showing how to get a license key and put it into the program.
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