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folder About DonationCredits (giving and receiving credits and supporting authors) (2)
Learn about the DonationCredits system for specifying how your donation money is allocated on the site.

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document I donated to the site, but I didn't receive my License Key!
If you donated using Paypal, you should receive an email from with your lifetime non-expiring license key within minutes.  If...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 5383 Comments: 0
document I Want to Donate But I Don't Want To Use PayPal or a CreditCard!
Some people (like us) love for it's convenience and safety.  As an added security measure - when you pay by PayPal or any of the payment...
09 May, 2007 Views: 9600 Comments: 0
document I Made a Donation But I Still Can't Log Into The Forum!
This is a common source of confusion so you're not alone. But when you make a donation, a forum account is not automatically created for...
18 Feb, 2007 Views: 5886 Comments: 0
document I registered at the forum but I never received my "Validation Email" so I can't log in !
Take a deep breath - this is more common than you'd think! With all the spam inundating the internet these days, it's actually quite common for...
31 Jan, 2007 Views: 7086 Comments: 0
document I'm Signed Into the Forum But the Web Pages Say I'm Not A Supporting Member Even Though I Already Donated !
Some sections of our website are available only to Supporting (Donating) Members, so you definitely want to make sure the forum recognizes you...
25 Jan, 2007 Views: 3846 Comments: 0
document How much should I donate?
Ultimately, it's up to you how much you want to donate, or if you want to donate at all. Sometime in 2010 we may introduce a $50 deluxe lifetime...
15 Feb, 2010 Views: 4905 Comments: 0
document Is there a way for me to get a non-expiring license key and become a full member without donating any money?
Absolutely. We created because we wanted to keep our software available to anyone, regardless of their financial...
19 Oct, 2013 Views: 3311 Comments: 0
document I have an estate in the south of France worth two million Euros and I am about to die and I would like to donate to it to Is that ok?
This question gets asked a lot. If you have a giant multi-million dollar estate that you would like to leave to in your will,...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 3283 Comments: 0
document What are some of the benefits of donating?
Here's how you'll benefit from becoming a supporting (donating) member: A permanent non-expiring license key for all of our current and future...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 5018 Comments: 0
document I'm concerned about sending money over the internet - is it safe to make a donation? has been in business since 2005 and received thousands of donations in that time.  We use only the most secure payment...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 3061 Comments: 0
document Privacy Policy
1. PRIVACY OVERVIEW We will never share your personal information or email address with a third party, and we will not send you spam.  We do...
05 Feb, 2013 Views: 17450 Comments: 0



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