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document Where do I put my License Key?
Some of the larger programs from use a License Keys system to remove expiration dates and donation-reminder "nag"...
29 Sep, 2014 Views: 15909 Comments: 0
document I donated to the site, but I didn't receive my License Key!
If you donated using Paypal, you should receive an email from with your lifetime non-expiring license key within minutes.  If...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 5429 Comments: 0
document Where Do I Get A License Key?
With so much information on our web site we know it can be hard to find what you are looking for. The page on our site where you can download...
25 Jan, 2007 Views: 8212 Comments: 0
document I Made a Donation But I Still Can't Log Into The Forum!
This is a common source of confusion so you're not alone. But when you make a donation, a forum account is not automatically created for...
18 Feb, 2007 Views: 5930 Comments: 0
document I've lost my license key. What do I do now!!?!?
When you donate to our site you should get an email right away with your License Key.  If you lose this email don't panic, it's not a...
27 Jan, 2007 Views: 6311 Comments: 0



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