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document What is All About?
Are you interested in the philosophy and motivation behind this site? You can read all about us on our About page: Or for a longer, more...
25 Jan, 2007 Views: 5362 Comments: 0
document Error When Running Installer: "Is Not a Valid Win32 Application" - What It Means
This error is very misleading and confusing. It happens only when the setup program is downloaded with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, when the...
06 Jan, 2008 Views: 7730 Comments: 0
document Are All of the Programs on Free?
Every single program made by us can be used freely without restriction to time or functionality. In order to encourage donations we do require...
25 Jan, 2007 Views: 4688 Comments: 0
document Antivirus Reporta Virus or Trojan in one of the Programs (autohotkey related)
These false alarms from antivirus programs can be very scary for users, and frustrating for us. i assure you, there are no viruses in...
15 Jan, 2008 Views: 8951 Comments: 0
document I registered at the forum but I never received my "Validation Email" so I can't log in !
Take a deep breath - this is more common than you'd think! With all the spam inundating the internet these days, it's actually quite common for...
31 Jan, 2007 Views: 7143 Comments: 0
document Is There a Complete List of All Software? Is There a Support Forum?
Our main software hub page has links to all of the different software on our site: And we have one of the most active software discussion forums...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 4817 Comments: 0
document What are the software Reviews and Mini-Reviews?
When we say that is "for software connoisseurs" we mean it.  The people who hang out on our forum love talking about...
27 Jan, 2007 Views: 4488 Comments: 0
document What do I do if I find a bug in one of your programs?
A bug in one of our programs? Impossible! Oh, all right.. I suppose it is possible.. If you insist.. One of the reasons we feel so strongly about...
24 May, 2009 Views: 5187 Comments: 0
document Do companies pay to be reviewed or mentioned or to have their product discounts listed?
We absolutely, positively, without excpetion, forbid any payment from a company in return for writing about them on our site or forum.. We also...
27 Jan, 2007 Views: 4730 Comments: 0
document What are some of the benefits of donating?
Here's how you'll benefit from becoming a supporting (donating) member: A permanent non-expiring license key for all of our current and future...
26 Jan, 2007 Views: 5056 Comments: 0
document How do the 3rd party shareware discounts and giveaways work?
In addition to the software we have written ourselves, when members on our forum express an interest in some shareware or commercial software made by...
27 Jan, 2007 Views: 5172 Comments: 0
document Why must I sign up in order to get a License Key? Will I get junk mail from you? Will you sell my email address to spammers?
We require users to sign up at our forum in order to download free for our programs.  We use your forum signup date to determine when to give...
02 Feb, 2007 Views: 5985 Comments: 0
document Privacy Policy
1. PRIVACY OVERVIEW We will never share your personal information or email address with a third party, and we will not send you spam.  We do...
05 Feb, 2013 Views: 17750 Comments: 0



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