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Have you ever needed a program for a certain task, but when you went to find the best tool for the job you were overwhelmed with the huge number of choices available?

Are you tried of spending weeks searching the far corners of the internet looking for the right program for the job, and never knowing if there's that one perfect program you overlooked? Are you tired of installing tons of junk in an effort to locate the best program for the job?

Our task here is to save you the time and agony of evaluating all these different programs. We try them all, we put them through their paces, we line them up and compare them, and then we pick the absolute best ones and review them here.

Review Archive:




AUG 6, 2010


Scanning: VueScan and Associates

JUN 14, 2007


Giant Word Processor Roundup in Three Parts

NOV 7, 2007


Icon Editor Shootout Review

SEP 5, 2006


Notetaking Software Roundup

JAN 31, 2006


Major Image Management Tool Shootout Update

JULY 11, 2005


Major Image Management Tool Shootout PART 1

NOV 28, 2005


Best Dialog Box Extender

SEP 05, 2005


Best Archive Tool

JULY 11, 2005


Image Management Tool Shootout

JUNE 27, 2005


Best Weather Monitor

JUNE 06, 2005


Best Screencasting Tool

MAY 16, 2005


Best Email Client

MAY 07, 2005


Best FTP Server

APRIL 23, 2005


Best Text Editor

APRIL 16, 2005


Power-user Backup Guide

APRIL 09, 2005


Best Virtual Machine Tool

APRIL 02, 2005


Best Website-Change Monitoring Tool

MARCH 26, 2005


Open Source Roundup #1

MARCH 19, 2005


Best File/Folder Compare Tool

MARCH 12, 2005


Best Online Music Service

MARCH 05, 2005


Best Power-user Firewall

MARCH 01, 2005


General Thoughts on User Interfaces


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