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Our mission at is to identify the very best software in each category.

Have you ever needed a program for a certain task, but when you went to find the best tool for the job you were overwhelmed with the huge number of choices available? Are you tried of spending weeks searching the far corners of the internet looking for the right program for the job, and never knowing if there's that one perfect program you overlooked? Are you tired of installing tons of junk in an effort to locate the best program for the job?

Our task here is to save you the time and agony of evaluating all these different programs. We try them all, we put them through their paces, we line them up and compare them, and then we pick the absolute best ones and review them here.

We spend our time testing software so you don't waste your time with second best.

If you're interested in how we judge programs, you can read this short summary of our thoughts on what makes a good user interface.

And Zaine Ridling who runs "The Great Software Site" has written two excellent Top 10 Lists for software users and developers, which we agree with completely.

Rather than try to hide our personal opinions, we are going to be very up front about what we like and dislike about a given program, and where we think it still needs improvement. You may not always agree with us, but we hope you'll appreciate our honesty and our attention to detail.


There are five awards currently given out by our site:


Awarded to the best program in each category (it may be shared in the case of a tie); open source and freeware programs may be judged separately from shareware.


Awarded at our discretion when a single program clearly surpasses its rivals in all ways, including function, usability, and price, and has no non-trivial missing features. Only the very best of the best programs can ever hope to receive this award.


Awarded to open source programs that are unusually useful and excellent and deserve wider recognition.


Awarded to those rare freeware programs that are in the same league with the very best commercial programs in their category.


Awarded to the best websites in each category, as listed on our Links Page.

Are you a software author? If you've written an application you think deserves consideration for a recommendation, contact us with your web site and we will give it a look. If we don't choose your program it doesn't mean it's not a great program, it just means that our subjective opinion is that it is not the best in it's class. If you are the recipient of one of our awards, you may use the award logo on your website, with a link back to our review of your program.

Disagree with one of our recommendations? Join our forums and share your software discoveries. Our aim is to foster a community of power users dedicated to finding the best that the software industry has to offer.


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