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Author Topic: IDEA: copy MP3-tags on keypress to clipboard  (Read 4567 times)


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IDEA: copy MP3-tags on keypress to clipboard
« on: July 03, 2007, 05:51 AM »
Who ever tried to sort MP3s from a single folder to new subfolders, should have the same problem of finding the MP3-tags inside M$-Explorer than me.
E.g. you have a file called 01-Musican-Album-Title_text.mp3 and so on. Now to sort these files to a folder named Musican and a Subfolder named Album.
All the information i need is already stored in the MP3-tag. Now in Explorer you have to go to properties, find the right tab, and then you are able to copy Musicans name, create Directory with this name, once again left mousebutton, properties, tab, copy Albumname, go inside first dir and create new dir named Album and so on.

So i would like to have a solution, where in explorer i simply mark the .mp3 file, and then do one keypress e.g
Shift+STRG+A to copy Album-name from tag to clipboard
Shift+STRG+I to copy Artist-name from tag to clipboard
Shift+STRG+T to copy title from tag to clipboard

If possible additional after this keypress i will be asked if a folder named the "information in clipboard" should be created.

Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: IDEA: copy MP3-tags on keypress to clipboard
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2007, 10:54 AM »
Sorry, i can't quite understand why you want this, but i see your main problem would be organizing your MP3 collection, right?

Why not use some kind of media organizer?
Here's two threads about some of these tools:


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Re: IDEA: copy MP3-tags on keypress to clipboard
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2007, 06:13 AM »
hi there megomaster,
here is an autohotkey script that together with the freeware command-line tool Tag might do what you want done (if I understand you correctly that is).

To set it up you need to:

1. get and install (free)
2. copy the script source below into a textfile and save it as "batch copy to artist_album folder structure.ahk"
3. compile that file into "batch copy to artist_album folder structure.exe" (to compile, right click it and choose "compile script" -- this requires that autohotkey is installed)
4. get and unzip Tag (free)

To run it you need to:

1. put "tag.exe" and "batch copy to artist_album folder structure.exe" in the same folder
2. drag and drop any mp3 onto "batch copy to artist_album folder structure.exe"

What it does:

The script looks up the album and artist ID3 tags and (if both are found) copies the file according to this format:


You can drop multiple files and folders with files onto the script and it will check and copy them one by one.
(I haven't tested it very much so you are advised to testdrive it a bit before dropping a thousand files onto it at once or something like that)

;batch copy to artistname\albumname\file.mp3 folder structure
xtemp = %A_Temp%\%A_now%.txt
Loop, %0%      ; For each dropped file
xx := %A_Index%
xvar =
xartist1 =
xalbum1 =
runwait  %comspec% /c "tag "%xx%" --simple --tofilen "%xtemp%"",%A_ScriptDir%,min ;get ID3 tags with Tag.exe
FileRead, xvar, %xtemp%
RegExMatch(xvar, "Artist=(.*)",xartist)
RegExMatch(xvar, "Album=(.*)",xalbum)

; remove characters that are illegal in windows folder/file names:  \ / : * ? " < > |
xartist1 := RegExReplace(xartist1,"(?:\\|/|:|\*|\?|""|<|>|\|)","")
xalbum1 := RegExReplace(xalbum1,"(?:\\|/|:|\*|\?|""|<|>|\|)","")

if xartist1
 if xalbum1
  FileCreateDir, %A_ScriptDir%\%xartist1%\%xalbum1%
  ifExist, %A_ScriptDir%\%xartist1%\%xalbum1%
    FileCopy, %xx%, %A_ScriptDir%\%xartist1%\%xalbum1%
  sleep, 500
  ifExist, %A_ScriptDir%\%xartist1%\%xalbum1%
   FileCopy, %xx%, %A_ScriptDir%\%xartist1%\%xalbum1%
FileDelete, %xtemp%

If you have use for the script feel free to donate some small amount to support this great site:
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