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  • January 20, 2019, 12:46 AM
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Author Topic: A little game project I have been thinking about and started tonight.  (Read 2780 times)


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I like checkers, so have wanted to do a checkers game.  For me, it would only be fun if you could play it with someone else.   A screen cap of the UI I have mocked up so far is attached.  My plan is this:

* The name is currently netCheckers, but if someone has a cooler name let me know.
* I am thinking about putting a basic in game AI for playing locally alone.
* The main thing it is for though is playing someone else over the network.
* I would like to have it auto discover other games running on the local lan and be able to connect to a specified IP over the internet.  When it launches it will look for other instances running and offer them as a destination, but the user can also select "Internet" or something to put in an IP.
* I am toying with some ideas for some "modes" to make it more interesting, like the ability to somehow earn back your pieces from the other player, etc.
* I am planning to implement some different board/piece colors that will be user configurable.

The checker positions are currently picture boxes, with the pieces planned to be .pngs with background transparencies. I would LIKE to make the pieces draggable to the new position, but may do a  click source and then click destination method since I dont know if I can do the drag and drop thing.  Maybe a grid of picture boxes arent the best way?

Most of this is currently beyond me, but will be a good learning experience.  Any input would be appreciated.  If I am able to make this thing and make it work, I would want to post it here for people to use if they want.

Notes on the screenshot:  The white arrows will designate the current player to move, only one will be showing at any given time.   I was thinking of making a small box between the players arrow and the players info that will "hold" jumped pieces, sort as a visual indicator of how many pieces you have taken. 


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Hi Teksel I take it your are writing this in c# i am doing a similar project in c++ for the borland competition.I used the grid of pictures boxes to implement my checkers game i have a beta copy of my program for download at my website and i wold be interested in any feedback also let me know when you r ready to test it across the net and i will be happy to help.I though about having my program run threw a server (i can easily write the server just need a fixed IP address to run it on) anyway i would like to hear back what you think of my program