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  • December 15, 2017, 09:35 PM
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Author Topic: Kyrathasoft Hangman (a NANY 2012 entry)  (Read 3026 times)


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Kyrathasoft Hangman (a NANY 2012 entry)
« on: January 19, 2012, 06:25 PM »
Fun Twist On A Classic Game!My program, Kyrathaba's Hangman, allows you to register a user-name.  If you do, the High Score on your particular installation of the application will always be sent to the online database.

For the Highest Scoring DC member, as found here, I will donate up to 25 hours of programming for FREE on a small to mid-size project of your choice!!  I reserve the right to determine what is within my skills, however.  The top-three high-scoring DC members will receive an additional prize from the site.

I reserve the right to throw out a score that has obviously been obtained through some hack: being intimately conversant with the program's level of difficulty, I have a keen idea what's humanly possible.

On the last day of each month between now and the culmination of the NANY 2012 event, I will donate $5 DonationCredits to the highest scorer showing on the scoreboard, provided that the scorer is a DC member.  Visitors who may be reading this: join now!  The first disbursement will be on July 31st, the final one December 31st.  That's an opportunity for someone to win up to $30, not to mention bragging rights!
Application Name Kyrathaba's Hangman
Version (released 8/21/11)
Short Description competitive Hangman with prizes for highest scorers (see blog entry)
Supported OSes Windows XP forward
Setup File A link to the Setup program {will check for absence of .NET Framework 4.0 and download if needed} (1.41 Mb)
PAD file URLhttp://kyrathaba.dcm...tups/hangman_PAD.xml
System Requirements
Author Infocoded by kyrathaba | Profile page | Kyrathaba DC page | author of Kyrathaba's Source Code Line Counter. My past NANY entries include: Crocus Contacts, Blackjack, and NANY Excuse Manager.
DescriptionThis was a project I did for the Boss Assignment of C# Programming School, Phase I.  I liked it so much that I continued to develop it, eventually bringing in cranioscopical for some expert testing.  I owe him a debt for the many bugs he made me aware of; and to mouser I say "thank you" for encouraging me not to give up in learning enough PHP to build the online scripts and database to implement my desired features-set.

Destined to replace time wasted by people watching "Wheel Of Fortune"! -- PC Magazine.

What!  This program is FREE!??  A crime, that's what it is!  Someone slap the developer around until he starts showing some sense and charging for this gem of genius! -- Gamasutra

Features+ choose between an Individual Word or a Phrase, and try to solve before you are hanged!
+ optional audio cues
+ option to register a user-name with online database, so that you can submit your High Score and compete against all other players!
+ option to use mouse or keyboard for input
+ Highest Scorer, as recorded on the online database will receive free coding of a small-to-medium sized project of his/her choice!
+ ToolTips and context-sensitive help for each control in the application's interface

I would appreciate suggestions for future features of the program.

Please consider donating.
Screenshotsscreenshot collage
Online Helphttp://kyrathaba.dcmembers.com/my_programs/KyrHangmanSetups/HangmanHelp.pdf
InstallationSimply use the installer created by Inno Setup
Using the applicationThe GUI is fairly intuitive.  However, there is a textual help file under the "Help" menu, and a more in-depth PDF help file (with screenshots) available via the F1 key.
UninstallingUse the uninstall Program Files menu-item.
Known IssuesWhat?  You mean like bugs?  None (but please make me aware of any that you may find...)
Notable mentionsdotTech article

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