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  • December 11, 2018, 11:30 AM
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Author Topic: Modification of pixelnotifier / request  (Read 2185 times)


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Modification of pixelnotifier / request
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:18 AM »
I would like some help with modifying the pixel notifier found here:
or a new script that does the following:

Pixelnotifier activates upon a specified button press until an Lbutton input(either manual or sent by the script, see more below) at which point it stops and resets itself.

Upon matching the pixel color specified, instead of the popup window, the script would send Lbutton by default or {Lbutton up} in the case Lbutton is already held down.

Pixel notifier searches multiple locations at the same time with a loop.

In short, I need an app that searches 5-10 specified pixels for a certain color, then on finding the color it sends either Lbutton, or Lbutton up if Lbutton is already held down.  I need this app to be activated by a keypress and then automatically deactivated upon a manual or programmitcally sent Lbutton activation

I would also prefer if this could 1) not use an .ini file for settings and 2)be integrated into the following script:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. KeysToParse = Numpad1,Numpad2,Numpad3,Numpad4,Numpad5,Numpad6
  2. Cooldown_Numpad1 := 13000
  3. Cooldown_Numpad2 := 13000
  4. Cooldown_Numpad3 := 6500
  5. Cooldown_Numpad4 := 13500
  6. Cooldown_Numpad5 := 9000
  7. Cooldown_Numpad6 := 9000
  9. LastPressed_Numpad1 := 0
  10. LastPressed_Numpad2 := 0
  11. LastPressed_Numpad3 := 0
  12. LastPressed_Numpad4 := 0
  13. LastPressed_Numpad5 := 0
  14. LastPressed_Numpad6 := 0
  17. ~f::
  19. Loop,Parse, KeysToParse, CSV
  20.         {
  21.                 timepassed := (A_TickCount - LastPressed_Numpad%A_Index%)
  22.                 x := cooldown_numpad%A_index%
  23.                 IfGreaterOrEqual, timepassed, %x%
  24.                         {
  25.                                 Send {Numpad%A_Index%}
  26.                                 keywait, Lbutton, D
  27.                                 keywait, Lbutton, U
  28.                                 sleep 150
  29.                                 LastPressed_Numpad%A_Index% := A_TickCount
  30.                                 Break
  31.                         }
  32.         }
  34. return

So again, ideally everytime I press the f key, after the "send {numpad%A_index%}" the pixel notifer would be activated.  It would then search 5-10 pixels for a specified color at a specified position.  (preferably modifiable inline and not in an ini file.)  At this point the pixel notifier would need to loop until the specified color at the specified location is found.

Where it says "Keywait, lbutton, d" and "keywait, lbutton, u", that would be replaced with an if statement where if the pixel matches and the Lbutton is held down, it would send Lbutton, U.  else if no Lbutton is held down, then it would just send Lbutton.

Once it sends that, the pixel notifier would then be disabled until the next press of the "f" button.

Thanks in advance, please let me know if there is any confusion.