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  • January 21, 2019, 12:26 PM
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Author Topic: coming: repairing the damage made by many registry cleaners  (Read 1515 times)


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pre-announcement of a new project:

RegCleanerFix Utility

This is a pre-announcement of a new project we are working on, a fix for registry cleaner damage. Here we DIFFERENTIATE 'registry cleaner' from 'registry repair'. The former simply deletes garbage from the registry, which the latter repairs invalid references and missing values.


This project is all about repairing the damage made by many popular registry cleaners. In the race for ever more aggressive registry cleaning, many registry cleaners end up deleting keys necessary to the proper functionality of the OS and installed applications. The cumulative effect of running many registry cleaners over time can result in all sorts of strange errata. We aren't going to 'name names' or criticize the specific registry cleaners, we'll simply repair the damage. We also have no intention of getting in any debate about the usefulness of registry cleaners.



This is a 100% free and open project meant to repair the damage done to the OS and installed applications by poorly written registry cleaners. To our knowledge, no project like this has ever existed. This project consists of 'repair sets', which are essentially lists of keys that should not have been deleted. These repair sets can be easily created with utilities we have created, or can be constructed manually. Their format will be the same as .REG files, meaning they'll be compatible with RegEdit.

However, given the nature of the registry keys, where paths may sometimes need adjusted for a particular system, we must compliment these repair sets with a utility that properly applies the repair sets. The utility will also skip keys that already exist, to ensure that those values aren't over-written. In other words, its a little more than simple REG file import via RegEdit, which would replace existing registry values instead of just repair missing ones. Lastly, since OS damage is specific to each individual edition of Windows, the repair sets will be specific to editions of Windows.


We will soon host this project on an open WIKI, allowing anyone to contribute knowledge and repair sets. Our intention is for this project to be a community effort. By using the power of the entire community, we can freely repair the collective damage done by registry cleaners.

# Problem #1: Lost CHM File Association - Known to be deleted by some of the most popular registry cleaners.
Download and import (open) this .REG file: Fix lost CHM file (direct link)

# Problem #2: Could not access VBScript run time - This is common problem, and a serious one as it can impede the installation or uninstallation of software amongst other things.
Try the suggestions at this site: Fix Could not access VBScript runtime


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