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  • October 14, 2019, 12:50 PM
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Author Topic: Outpost 7 BETA-testers wanted  (Read 2629 times)


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Outpost 7 BETA-testers wanted
« on: April 17, 2010, 05:38 AM »
Public Beta Testing Is Underway

Join our open beta testing for the upcoming Outpost Security Suite, Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 and you can help us improve the products and ensure that they will meet your needs!

Whether you’re already a member of our beta-testing community or not, Agnitum invites you to participate in the public testing of our soon-to-be-released 7.0 product line. We’ve listened to your feedback on previous versions and have been working hard to improve the software with the addition of these new, exciting features — just to name a few:

New!       Application guard New!
The new Application Guard feature, which comes as an upgrade to Outpost’s Proactive Protection module, defends sensitive data stored by various Internet-enabled applications such as instant messengers, web browsers, e-mail clients and e-banking software from compromise. Items such as cached/saved login details and passwords, configuration files, electronic wallet contents, etc. are now shielded from being tampered or hijacked by unauthorized non-related applications.

Improved!       System guard Improved!
As an extension to Outpost’s Proactive Protection module, the System Guard feature secures critical system files and configurations against misuse or compromise. The list of protected items could be extended by adding the program of your choosing to the protected system software list.

New!       File and folder lock New!
File & Folder Lock functionality enables protection of locally-stored assets from corruption, modification or illegal access by other users or malware. With just a few clicks within the “File and Folder Lock” section of the Proactive Protection settings panel in Outpost, you can simply select a folder or file you wish to protect and set limitations by defining access password.

New!       Real-time File and Registry Activity monitoring New!
File and Registry Activity provides an invaluable opportunity to look into system events at a closer range by monitoring activity of any given active process and tracking system changes in real time. The user can analyze every active process, its path and time as well as track registry modifications in order to take action with Outpost’s ample functionality.

Improved!       Antivirus module Improved!
The antivirus engine has been improved with new detection and cure capabilities. Besides, the Quarantine component has been reworked to become more actionable — it’s now easier to decide upon suspicious objects. Agnitum’s heuristic analyzer, part of Antimalware, has been updated to ensure efficient monitoring of autostarted objects’ behavior on system start-up.

New!       Restored Content Filter New!
Legacy of Outpost 4.0, Content Filter has been restored in the new version of Outpost. The module analyzes web contents for the presence of defined keywords before a certain page is loaded, and steers the user away from suspicious or abusive sources on the Internet.

Improved!       Extended Anti-Leak capabilities Improved!
New types of data leak techniques have been incorporated into Outpost’s Proactive Defense module to ensure up-to-date protection against new attacks employed in zero-day threats. The module’s effectiveness has been proved by successfully deterring new malware samples and passing existing leak tests.

Improved!       Update process Improved!
Whenever updates to the main antivirus engine (executable module) become available, they will be automatically applied without the need for user participation (providing, of course, for system reboot). This ensures latest protection is always in place without any hassles from the user’s end.

Improved!       Stability on new platforms Improved!
The introduction of new standards to the Outpost 7 lineup make it better compatible and stable running on the new Windows 7 platform, with fewer occurrences of slowdowns and interoperability issues. These changes make Outpost even better positioned to meet the future arrival of new Windows OS.

Improved!       User interface with a facelift Improved!
The interface changes were designed to reflect the modern Windows 7 look and provide better visibility of product notifications. Redesigned setting panels make program configuration more intuitive.

Register and get a download link: http://www.agnitum.c...p/outpost-7-beta.php


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Re: Outpost 7 BETA-testers wanted
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2010, 08:06 PM »
I've been beta-testing since Beta 1 and v7 is really shaping up to be a powerful piece of security software.

I'd encourage everyone who isn't happy with what they have to give it a try.