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Author Topic: Gadget WEEKENDS  (Read 60888 times)
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« Reply #350 on: November 09, 2014, 07:06:20 PM »

^^ I'm beginning to get the impression that actually the Mac mini is just a piece of junk - a technological dead-end - and that it was that sort of a piece of junk before it came off the production line. It's possibly even the sort of junk that used to be called "a white elephant":
The thing seems to have been cynically turned out with all the old tricks for throw-away product obsolescence - including, for example, well-sealed units (difficult to maintain), lock-in, and little or no forwards or backwards design compatibility. ...
I say this after researching across the Internet for "uses for an old ...", where most commenters seemed hard-pressed to think of a use for the thing ...
iFix Old Macs
You know the ones I mean: those Power Macs, PowerBooks, iMacs, iBooks, Mac minis, etc. based on the PowerPC processor that Apple sold a few years ago. Sadly, support for them is dwindling, but the software is still out there that would enable their continued use.
- which absurd statement rather begs the question "...all it needs" for what? For making it "look like a new one"? Why? It's already obsolete. A Spinning Jenny was "a fine old machine" too.

The comparison with the White Elephant is interesting. I will try to separate out a couple things.

A. A lot of the "hatred for things Apple" is that the entire *company* likes to make varying shades of elephants (and put them in your room! Take that, triple joke!)

So I'm not sure if specifically the mini was designed to be quite so aggressive to users as that Sultan from the Wiki snip. I think that the mini is the result of some sales meeting where they drew a chart of specs on a board, some decently high but rather expensive, then said "and we need one with a lower price point. So let's hack it down here, here, here, and here". But I believe there are varying sweet-ish spots in tech, so they hacked it down below one of them, and then when time marches on, (see my post in Deozaan's thread on his game), then later you struggle to find uses for it.

The only non-insulting use for much older tech I've ever seen is people who put it separately monitoring some low level project they have, and just park it there, solely to "efficiently" free up their main computer from having to deal with even that minor processing load.

I've got two aging laptops, with one truly ancient, facing the same problem, except I don't do the right kind of projects to need them for stuff like that. (My third laptop is still aging too, but it's done "emergency backup" duty when something is wrong with my main comp.)

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« Reply #351 on: November 13, 2014, 09:50:01 PM »

For $22 i just bought this super affordable little dock for a cheap 7" android tablet i had laying around:


I can't vouch for the bluetooth functionality, because i connect my tablet with a 3.5mm audio cable, and the speaker quality is just mediocre.
But I love how little space it takes up and how perfectly it supports the tablet in landscape orientation, and gives it enough volume to be used as a tabletop internet radio.

To be clear, if you are looking for a bluetooth speaker for your PHONE, which will only be docked occasionally, then this is NOT the gadget for you -- there are much better quality speakers.

But if you have a spare tablet that you want to leave permanently docked with a minimal footprint and a reasonable increase in volume, this is an awesome gadget for the price.
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