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  • November 19, 2018, 07:03 AM
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Author Topic: Wow, with this, Apple's Multi-Touch long arm will not reach into my pocket  (Read 2271 times)


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I have a Windows Mobile 6.0 HTC Touch. Kind of rudimentary compared to my son's iPhone.

But I have been resisting the move simply because I have kind of gotten used to the rather dated interface and besides, I needed the handwriting recognition ability of Calligrapher which works very well on Windows Mobile.

CalliGrapher is an award winning natural handwriting recognition software that supports all handwriting styles - cursive, PRINT or MIXed. "

Although there's an iPhone equivalent for Calligrapher from the same company, I find that it cannot match me using a stylus on Windows Mobile rather than a fat finger on the iPhone for handwriting.

"WritePad is a new custom editor for iPhone that utilizes handwriting recognition input for the English language as well as iPhone keyboard for text entry, spell checker, context analyzer and standard editing operations such as copy, cut, paste, etc."

But I guess my problem will be solved if one of the Windows Phone manufacturer implement what is shown in the link below. Talk about having the cake and eating it at the same time ! And apparently it's all software driven and works with existing hardware available right now if I am not wrong.

"Stantum's mind-blowing multitouch interface on video!"

By the way, I 1st saw it on
"A reference multi-touch design is actually quite stunning--even blowing away the iPhone's multi-touch."
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Apple's Multi-Touch long arm will not reach into my pocket

That's what you get when you buy an inferior-quality sex aid!  ;)