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  • December 15, 2018, 03:57 AM
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Author Topic: Do you draw? Get a new perspective!  (Read 1576 times)


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Do you draw? Get a new perspective!
« on: January 09, 2009, 05:04 AM »
An acquainted of mine, a friend's brother, Steven Aguilera, ("Steve"), has written and released this printed art instruction book, Perspective Book. I am not much of an artist, so I don't dare to judge it's qualities, but I do know that he is an extremely serious guy who never tries to pull a trick on anyone. I am saying this because I expect this book to reveal NEW insight, not just saying what already has been said a lot of times.

Soft cover, 49 chapters, 188 pages, 350 illustrations, Price: $29.95 U.S.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven has worked occasionally in the film industry as a preproduction illustrator, scenic artist and composer.

Since 1997, he has poised his talents in the direction of graphic art and website design. Through his graphic design company, he has created countless visually stunning presentations for many major clientele all over the world.

Having worked on his book, A New Perspective, as a side project for twenty years, Steven has devoted countless hours to researching and perfecting the ground-breaking information it contains.

Exploring other artistic interests like music, filmmaking and screenwriting, he is constantly growing as an artist as his reach for new art forms constantly expands.

This material covers the subject of Perspective, but goes way beyond merely creating depth in one’s picture. In fact, it is indispensible to any artist working with three-dimensional form, whether in drawing, painting, photography, motion picture, video game design or virtual reality.

Building the subject up from scratch through nearly twenty years of extensive research, "A New Perspective" consists mostly of new material which is not available anywhere else. Describing more than drawing techniques, it contains radical new breakthroughs, completely redefining what perspective is and how it really works.

This book also takes a frank and honest look at the subject of perspective as it has been taught, correcting and updating dozens of fundamental falsehoods, omissions and misconceptions perpetuated for centuries.

Visit the website for more information at

Download sample chapters at


Steve Aguilera

sample chapter, pdf, 199 kb:

The First Perspective Book for Any Type of Artist

A New Perspective is the only perspective book written for any field that deals with three-dimensional form, including traditional drawing and painting.

But perspective is not just about drawing and painting. It is equally relevant in other visual fields of art. Yet, until now, perspective was used by many professions that had few or no learning materials available to them. These include:

    * photography
    * motion picture (directing, camerawork, visual effects, set design, etc.)
    * video game design
    * computer graphics (website design, software design, graphic design)
    * animation
    * stage design
    * virtual reality
    * general display and exhibit design

A new perspective book that goes beyond mere depth perspective; indispensible for anyone working in three-dimensional form, whether Motion Picture, Photography, Video Game Design or Painting.

Finally Reveals Perspective's Many Flaws

Perspective is widely considered the most difficult subject in Art. This is actually because it is loaded with false information while most of its basics were missing.

A New Perspective takes a frank and honest look at perspective, correcting and updating many dozens of fundamental falsehoods, omissions and misconceptions perpetuated for centuries.

Along with perspective, this book also expands upon and even challenges many established principals taught in photography, filmmaking, psychology, color theory, physics, optics, audio theory, motion theory and art.

For the first time, one fully realizes how flawed many of our techniques have been and how limited our understanding of perspective really was.

A new perspective book that goes beyond mere depth perspective; indispensible for anyone working in three-dimensional form, whether Motion Picture, Photography, Video Game Design or Painting.


More Than Just "Depth Perspective"

The most complete perspective book ever written, this includes all conventional perspective knowledge, but goes beyond basic "depth perspective" and covers many unique topics not covered in other perspective books, such as:

    * Motion and perspective
    * Understanding form, including the three ingredients that make up form
    * Establishing an "eye" in your artwork through which your audience sees
    * Thinking in three dimensions
    * Why "the camera adds ten pounds" to a person's weight
    * The two most basic things to know about setting up a shot
    * Why we can use miniatures in film
    * Using perspective to best portray people
    * How to give anything more dimension (even food or a character in a film)
    * The role of past experience in depth perception
    * Clarifies unnecessary complexities and confusions about photography
    * How to suggest a subject's actual size (size perception)
    * Creating unlimited ways of enhancing depth perspective
    * The use of color in depth perspective
    * Understanding the two main types of distortion and their characteristics
    * How to use distortion to enhance your artwork and depth perspective
    * The basis of wide-angle, curvilinear (having curved lines) perspective
    * Effectively shooting comedy
    * The best ways of positioning your artwork to an audience
    * How stereoscopic vision (seeing with two eyes) amplifies depth
    * Clarifies shot types (close-ups, wide angles, etc.) and misleading terms
    * The truth behind "left-right brain theory" and creative thinking
    * The true effects of lenses on perspective
    * Using audio to enhance perspective
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