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  • November 14, 2018, 11:08 AM
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Author Topic: CD Earth Crooks  (Read 4637 times)


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CD Earth Crooks
« on: November 17, 2008, 07:36 AM »
 CD Earth are a bunch of crooks :(  they at least package freeware from the net and sell it with out
any mention of it's true source. This is my first encounter with a slippery outfit like this and it was on CNET !
I'm very disapointed that CNET would allow this kind of garbage on their site.
I've always trusted CNET but no more........ >:(
I don't know what else CD Earth is into but stay away from them, Google freeware and get it for free peoples.


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Re: CD Earth Crooks
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2008, 08:19 AM »
If you followed DC, you'd know about it ;)
Read more about ThinkAll/CD earth here.


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Re: CD Earth Crooks
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2008, 10:04 AM »
Add me to the list of the scammed.  However, after a round-robin of fruitless customer disservice conversations with them and one with a purported "supervisor." 

So.  Thank heaven for this site and for the "Unhandled Perception" blog:

Since I am a legal secretary, I knew a little jargon, so when I called back yet again, I alluded to the Fair Credit Billing & Collection Act (A US Code statute, but I did not know the statute's exact number and saw no need to give them the number) as well as to the ruling against "Think All" (CD Earth's former incarnation), they took me seriously.

I then emailed their customer disservice department to reiterate my conversation with them, told them that since I had canceled my subscription during the trial period, I saw no need to pay for software I NEVER RECEIVED (although they claim they sent software to me in September 2008).  I also called their attention to the Think All ruling by inserting a link to the ruling in my email.

An hour or so later I got an email telling me I was getting a refund.  I called my bank this morning to ask if I could put a freeze on any debit requests from this company, even though I have a confirmation number for the account cancellation. 

I am probably going to have to get a new debit card and I really resent the inconvenience I have had to wade through fighting with this scamming firm.  Their debit to my account yesterday caused a payment to my cell phone provider to bounce and incurred me a $35 fee.  So yeah, I'm ready to spit nails. 

If I do not receive the alleged credit within 48 hours, I will seek any remedy available to me at law.  Class action suits get a lot of attention.

Sorry for venting.  But I fulfilled my end of the bargain:  I canceled my subscription 14 days into the free trial period.  They are the ones who have such confusing gobbledygook in their "agreement" and also make it very difficult for you to navigate their website to get a customer service phone number.

 :Thmbsup: UPDATE!!!! UPDATE!!!!

Well, apparently providing them the link to the Court ruling moved CD Earth's customer disservice people.  The $59.96 credit was posted to my bank account this morning!!!  Victory less then 48 hours after my initial complaint call to them!!!!!  Thanks to you and "Unhandled Perception." 

I think that anyone who has a problem with them should email them and include the link to the Texas court ruling in the email.  This apparently drives the point home and my guess is that their scripts do not cover this topic.  Also, I noted that when speaking to a "supervisor," making reference to the "Fair Credit Statutes" is also effective.  Once you throw legal jargon and concrete evidence of the "Think All" debacle at them, they realize that you are serious and that they're a class action suit away from more problems.
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