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Author Topic: Another Verizon ETF Settlement  (Read 5719 times)


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Another Verizon ETF Settlement
« on: September 12, 2008, 07:49 PM »
For those of you that paid an ETF at Verizon this might help.


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Re: Another Verizon ETF Settlement
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2008, 09:24 PM »
Ha!   How do I address the envelope with the 35 cent  :P stamp to claim my 50 cent share of the settlement? They'll probably want my email address to sell to spammers. :mad:  I don't participate in class action settlements and I don't buy products with rebates.

John S

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Re: Another Verizon ETF Settlement
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2008, 12:17 PM »
Hi e712

You message is so full of dis-information, I wonder if you work for Verizon  ;)

Sorry, just kidding, but actually here's the truth:

1) They do not ask for an email address.

People are notified of the class action suit via postcard.

If a person got the notification postcard in the mail, then they already have your name and mailing address ... not responding to it will not stop them from selling your info if they want to.

2) You don't have to mail anything to participate in the suit. The postcard has an account number and authorization code. When you go to the website, you type those in and it will bring up the information they already have, including how many early termination fees you have paid.

As long as all the info is correct, you can print it out for your own records if you want to, but you don't have to send anything in. Only if you modify any of the info do you have to print out a copy and send it in.

3) You won't get a check for $.50 ... the settlement specifically states that they will not mail checks for under $5.00

4) Today's postage rate is $0.42, so your 35 cent stamp will only get it bounced back to you ....

5) Feel free not to participate ... more money for us!

In my case, I had purchased a cell phone and a plug-in card for my laptop for Internet use. Both accounts had a $175 early termination fee, clearly explained to me at the time of purchase.

Before the 2 year contracts were up, I decided I would rather have a PDA and selected the XV6700. This was a few months before Verizon decided to start charging extra to "tether" a PDA to a computer, (to use the phone as a modem).

Rather than modify my existing account, Verizon insisted I close the two existing ones, and open a new one. They explained that I would have to pay $350 termination fee.

My other option was to keep my two original accounts open for the remainder of the 2 years (about 13 months).

I paid the $350, but felt that, as I was not leaving Verizon, just changing my existing account, they should not have charged me the fee for one account. I was early-terminating one, but only changing the other to a different phone.

I have always felt that they owe me the $175, but I cannot afford to sue them on my own.

Now the class action suit is willing to represent me ... whatever I get out of it, I will appreciate... whether $5.00 or the full $350 !!

And if I get the $350 back, will I offer to return $175 to Verizon?  I doubt it ... they had their chance to treat me fairly, but didn't ..

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