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  • December 18, 2018, 04:23 AM
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Author Topic: Intelligence in Sandbox  (Read 1688 times)


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Intelligence in Sandbox
« on: February 13, 2008, 05:08 AM »
I came across mintpages forum site so many times.I've not signed up for the service as it takes only design professionals in it.(Maybe they are picky about the user on the site) I was confused about this buisness
strategy or the very purpose of it.

So I've done some research on this topic.This post is all about discussion on exploring the intelligence & preserving it.Here i'm using term sandbox so that it refers to place which is restricted to like-minded or talented people in some niche area or simmilar.If you don't
understand or comprehand anything please let me know.Just make sure instead of questioning the thoughts you can place your own questions or perspective about this topic.Please forgive the typography,i've written this in bit hurry & late at night.

Opening sandbox style forum without General public could have few advantages like :

1. Leech attacks - Newbies & Purpose suckers,any community or intelligent person degrades becasue of such leeches on the web or in the society.Most of the time leecher approaches the intelligent being for sake of it's own work otherwise they don't even care for intelligent person.Purpose suckers are type of entities as they carry some knowledge about the things & they're with intelligent being till they get their outcome.

2. Less knowledgeble user could steer the discussion in another direction (Even It may or may not benefit the discussion depends on situation)

3. Criticism (It kills creativity & hurts programmers & esigners,scientists) Most of the social crowd (Make it 80%) in society never give any credentials,respect to those who spend most of the time on research or creative acts.They value film celebs & sport player than any

4.SPAM -It is not under the categary of leech cause these guys wants to get rich quick,on any forum you go u'll see them.They'll hunt for blogs,websites,email address or anything that is valuable to them.

There are maybe more advantages on not opening to general public but i've managed to gather the list of these only.

Restricting forum to particular users have Advantages (in my opinion)
1. Most of the intelligent crowd on the internet is protected from Average society which forces them to reinvent some things,which is painfull for designers,programmers or scientist.

2. Most productive discussions can be generated by tossing idea into like minded peoples.

3. Sometime it is good to keep the general public away from innovation or such acts as it may affect the very cause of it.( Area51,SETI is example of this) Media,press or whatever social medium can cause the problem as well (You don't want to have story of your personal
pictures on Digg)

4. It gives Intelligent users Freedom - to experiment,talk,share views with like minded people oer even fail while experimenting.

Intelligent community in the society should be carefully reserved.They're contributing to the world by sacrificing their time,familly,emotions & much more.Such sandbox can play good role of tieing various talent pool for some good cause,or creative act.

Intelligent people can't be categarised by the profession or the domain they can be doctors,engineers,artists,writers,designers,hobbyists, or those who are doing tech things as freelance or even part time.By saying intelligent i didn't mean it for any perticular domain,every domain has its importance & can't be underrated.I mean things get mixed up when one domain connects to another,Like on the internet there are plenty of user who are using computing as medium than as dedicated domain so their views on the subject or domain can mix things up positively or negatively.Sometimes lot of serious discussion can be easily

mouldable if less knowledgable person tosses an idea,so our ears supposes to be open for new ideas.

Sanbox like mintpages can be useful in such case which helps intelligent people gather at place to share thoughts and ideas.This'll even help
such peroples psychologically as most of such people are tied by society,and not alllowed to experiment as everyone is behind money.Most of the things on the planet gets saturated if money plays more role than satisfaction in it.Such sandbox can be used rationaly if the most of knowldge inside such disussions can be taken outside in form of articles,pdf or technical papaers so that newuser who wish to seek the same or those who need can use it.

My questions to you are :
What makes these sandboxes think that perticular person is ready for getting in it.? (By person's achievements or knowledge)

What a newuser should do then,as knowledge will be trapped inside such sandbox how new generation should step up?

P.S.I've posted this on 9rules as well but afraid i won't got any reply.