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  • November 12, 2018, 07:12 PM
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Author Topic: The Sims 2 Project: "The World's Greatest House"  (Read 2244 times)


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The Sims 2 Project: "The World's Greatest House"
« on: December 29, 2007, 07:27 PM »
(FYI: This post has a link to all the images available at the bottom)
NOTE: DC won't take the post attached images. Too long to upload. :( Just download the ZIP file that is linked below (or PM me).

OK, so the house's name isn't all that original or catchy, but it is a name.


If you know about, have played, or are a fan of The Sims series of games you probably want to keep reading. Otherwise you will end up getting confused (go on if you want, but unless you know how everything works it ends up being a jumble of confusing crap).

I have taken the last 2 weeks and used a little bit of time each day developing the best house I have made in The Sims (1 or 2) - and I have been playing for...8 years now?

I decided to build a house simply because I love architecture and whatnot, and making a house "optimized" for usage is something that always challenges me. It has to be functional, easy to access, and quickly reachable all at the same time. It can't be basic and it has to be one level. Basements are fine but no 2nd or 3rd story stuff. And I think I have finally figured out how to do it- all without a freaking driveway! Oh well, the grass is green enough to park a car on anyways :P

Here is my home realtor style info sheet explaining everything- it is pretty much to the point, but be prepared to read...

The Sims 2
CompuTech Computer Maintenance and Coding
Brandon Seal

Home name: The World's Greatest House
Size: Extra Large
Number of stories: 1 1/2
Number of rooms: 9
Number of baths: 1/2
Number of bedrooms: 1/2
Total price: 247,031 (encounting)

Summary: This large single-story home is designed for the party animal. It sports features never before seen, and is capable of holding over 75 sims at any given time.

Details: This house is the most detailed ever made by Brandon Seal. It has a unique 10 (outer) wall design, and the inner rooms range in size greatly. The entire house is made based on symmetry, although not being 100% symmetrical (due to house sizing and foundation problems).

It has a mid-sized welcome room with 8 couches able to hold a total of 22 people.

The kitchen and dining area has 3 large tables and is able to seat 24 people at once. The kitchen itself has enough room for an entire buffet just in counter space, and sports 3 top-of-the-line refrigerator/freezer combos (these have been connected to provide the ultimate in food storage)!

There is a luxurious entertainment room with a full surround sound entertainment system, plasma screen TV, 3 couches and 3 full recliners. This room holds up to 10 people being seated at once.

The computer area is where the action takes place. Up to 12 people can duke it out in the ultimate frag contest. All computers are Alienware and capable of running resolutions over 2000 pixels wide. In addition, each station has a comfortable seating setup and personal desk lamp so the action can go on through the night!

The bedroom/bathroom combo is the strangest portion of the house. There is no divider between the bedroom area and the bathroom area, because it is a single sim home. The room itself is quite spacious with plenty of room for additional areas if the need were to arise.

There is also a unique hallway connecting the bedroom and kitchen together; both for ease-of-access and emergency use.

The pool area, built directly into the ground as if it were an outdoor pool, is lower than the rest of the house. It is in the middle, surrounded comfortably by concrete walkways capable of having 4 people walk past each other in the same location at once. On 1 side of the pool there is no fence and the driving board and 2 ladders are located here. On the 2 sides of the pool are a glass wall and outdoor recliners for relaxation. On the far side of the pool is another glass wall, but with soft, indoor lounges for napping or relaxing after a dip in the warm water.

Bonus features:
The pool area is fenced in on 3/4 of the sides
The pool is lit by underground lighting whenever needed
The pool has a porch type of system for accessing it. Both doorways into the area have this.
The kitchen has lights strategically placed over the counter tops that have items needing lighting.
All rooms have a phone (except the pet rooms)
All rooms have a smoke alarm (except the pet rooms)
All rooms are generously lit for nighttime access
All windows (with the exception of behind the shower and refrigerator) feature curtains
All rooms have a plant (except the pet rooms)
The front porch is very large and has many plants around the front wall of the house
The walkway up to the front porch is extremely large and comes in diagonally from the sidewalk.
The walkway up to the front porch and the front porch itself are lit very well from solar night lighting on either side of the walkway.
The public sidewalk has been equipped with solar night lighting as well.
The mailbox has been moved on to the front porch walkway to add ease of access for the homeowner(s)
There is a side porch that has 2 swings, a table and chairs (seating 6) and a barbecue.
The perimeter of the home is enclosed by wood fencing.
The front room of the home has a burglar alarm to herd away intruders.
The front doors are colored differently than the interior doors.
The doors going into the pool area and to the 2nd porch are sliding doors, unlike the rest of the house.
All windows are the same, and offer a large amount of sunlight each.
All lights inside are built into the ceiling to prevent floor and wall clutter.
All wall coverings are the same, but carpets are not. The colors look good together and no two colors are repeated.
The grass has been over-seeded and is extra green for the homeowners.
The house also offers a magnificent view of the Pleasantview bridge, as well as easy access to the silent tram that runs by on the hill several hundred feet away.
The house is on the beach, high enough to be safe from natural disaster but close enough to be just less than a hundred feet away.
The exterior of the house is made of brick to keep it secure and stable in storms.
The ground was leveled out to be the same as street level prior to building.

And the house isn't even done yet!!

Here is a link to a ZIP with all 25 images in it, and 5 individual images are below (they are included in the zip also).
http://www.wikiforti...s Greatest

I also plan to upload a YouTube video tour of it sometime soon.

-Brandon :)
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Re: The Sims 2 Project: "The World's Greatest House"
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2007, 08:06 PM »
The 58MB picture album is uploaded (finally) for your enjoyment! :)


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Re: The Sims 2 Project: "The World's Greatest House"
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2007, 04:37 PM »
when you get it finished, can you package it and give me a copy? The house sounds cool, and I can't build worth a flip.
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