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Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 08:03 PM »
i think the idea of saving a pdf to a different directory would make even more sense since that would remove the confusion of why the file couldnt be re-opened and edited by SC.

let me start by adding a button for it, and then we can talk about tweaking the feature.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 07:41 PM »
can you explain the idea of TWAIN/WIA on or off being in toolbar button?

Sorry if I was unclear and very sorry if I'm haranguing you to death on scanning (well, you did ask for comments).

Right now there are two buttons. The first is Acquire Image from Scanner, which I would simply call Scan. The second button does the opposite of whether Show and use native scanner dialog is chosen in scanner options. I'm proposing that this button instead toggle between non-highlighted (Do not use scanner's TWAIN/WIA interface) and highlighted (Use scanner's TWAIN/WIA interface). Or you could call them "Scan directly into SC" and "Use scanner's interface" or something similar. If this were done the option in scanner options could be deleted.

Adding a button to the scanner toolbar to say Save as PDF would work for me (though it would add a step) but I would absolutely love the option to save to a different folder. I realize, however, that I may be the only person who would want to do this.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 07:07 PM »
i was going to do that but ran into a small problem.
SC relies on the windows shell to show thumbnails of screenshots in the left side panel.

for many (most?all?) people (does it require a special extension?), the windows shell will not show a thumbnail image of a pdf file.  that means that if SC saved your scan as a pdf, you wouldn't actually see a preview of it in the left sidebar, just a generic adobe icon.

worse, once saved as PDF, SC cannot re-open a previously saved PDF and edit it (such a thing might be possible to add eventually but not without much work).

so in short, using PDF as the default image file format for scans is not something SC can do currently.

the best i can do in the sort term is making it really easy to save a copy of an image in PDF form, or to save a collection of images as a pdf multi-page document.

I would be happy to have an Adobe icon and non-openable screenshot if PDF could be a default scan format. Or when you select PDF as the file type could SC say "Note: No screenshot will appear in the panel"?

I would find it tremendously useful in relying on SC as an all-purpose program if PDF could be a default scan type and scans could be saved to a different folder. My screenshots and PDF scans have entirely different purposes. I often scan to PDF for permanent storage and don't even look at the scan. I don't want to have a PDF folder that's also littered with temporary screenshots that I forgot to delete.

Not to beat a dead horse, but returning to the two scan buttons: I understand your reasoning. How about two buttons, the first saying Scan and the second one of those buttons that toggles between being highlighted and not, with the choices of TWAIN/WIA on or off? This would be much less confusing and would still accomplish your objective of having the scan button and scan hotkey do the same thing.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 06:40 PM »
Changing the subject, I've long thought that SC might be useful to a wider range of people if installation offered the choice between a basic and advanced interface. The former would just have choices like selected region, entire workspace, etc. SC is fabulous but most of the people I deal with would find it completely overwhelming. There are of course programs that offer only these limited options but I imagine some people discover SC and find it too difficult to use.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 06:00 PM »
not true -- the way SC works is it does NOT re-query the list of available scanners until you hit scan, and it doesnt update the options list until you re-select from the TWAIN/WIA dropdown.
My apologies. Apparently I didn't realize that the scanner list changed depending on whether TWAIN or WIA was selected.

I'd like a keyboard shortcut for scanning.
already exists, go into hotkey options and set one.
Again, my apologies.

Do I understand correctly that Acquire image from scanner (Dialog toggled) does the opposite of whatever is selected in the scanning options? That is, if Show and use native scanner dialog is selected, then the dialog will not be selected when using Dialog toggled? That had (or perhaps has) me confused.

you have it right; i know its a bit confusing, but you do have it right.
Since I have it right I guess I don't understand why you don't either
(a)have two buttons/menu options: Scan directly from SC and Scan using TWAIN/WIA (and say Scan rather than the verbose Acquire image from scanner; I thought Acquire technically meant scan using TWAIN).
(b)one Scan button with hotkey toggle.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 05:46 PM »
you can already do a Save As and save a screenshot as PDF.
since it seems like such a common thing people would want to do, i was thinking of adding a button to the scanner toolbar to say Save as PDF; i was also thinking of making it so you could select multiple images from the thumbnail panel and it would save them all to one pdf multi-page document.
The button might be nice but PDF should definitely be added to the option in Override Screenshot File Format.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions
« on: July 27, 2009, 05:12 PM »
Thank you for adding the scanning options. I've only played with them briefly but have a few comments:

If Deskew text is checked in the options and then Quick Auto Straighten Image is clicked the result changes (the latter image seems to be skewed).

SC seems to use WIA instead of TWAIN as its initial default. On my main scanner at least, WIA has limited functionality. I always use TWAIN. Do most people use WIA? If not this might be confusing. Once TWAIN is selected it then stays as the default.

In an attempt to test what would happen if WIA was selected and there was no WIA driver I unplugged my scanner with SC running. This deleted this scanner (and I think another one) from the list of options, and it's not there even after a reboot. Fortunately the scanner is still installed in my document imaging program (or I would not be happy), but apparently I will have to reinstall the scanner for it to work in SC. In my document imaging program I can plug and unplug my scanner at will without any problems, though I try to remember to close the program first. (I use a notebook and unplug my scanner often. I also use more than one scanner, which is uncommon I'm sure.)

The tooltip for the third button says Adjuse Scanner Options. No mouser software would be complete without the obligatory misspelling.

It would be useful to have the option of automatically saving scans in a different folder than the one used for screenshots.

How hard would it be to implement saving to PDF? I can use other software to do this or print to PDF, but if I'm going to use SC as a primary scanning option it would be useful.

I'd like a keyboard shortcut for scanning. F6 would be my choice, but that's only because I'm probably the only person on planet Earth still using the late, lamented FileABC document imaging program. (Oh, what I would give for universal keyboard shortcuts.)

Do I understand correctly that Acquire image from scanner (Dialog toggled) does the opposite of whatever is selected in the scanning options? That is, if Show and use native scanner dialog is selected, then the dialog will not be selected when using Dialog toggled? That had (or perhaps has) me confused. It's a useful option but there's got to be a better way of doing and explaining it. If you're going to show both options, why have a toggle at all instead of having one scan button be for using the TWAIN/WIA dialog and one button not? Alternatively, in scanner options have the options to show/not show a button for Scan with TWAIN/WIA dialog and show/not show a button for Scan w/o TWAIN/WIA dialog. Then for people who always use or don't use the dialog there'd be only one scan button. Or have one scan button and use a keyboard shortcut to toggle the dialog on and off.

I'll experiment more as time permits.

General Software Discussion / AbeBooks HomeBase
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:54 PM »
HomeBase from AbeBooks (HomeBase) is a free, powerful inventory management program. Although it's intended for booksellers it can also be used to manage one's collection.

LaunchBar Commander / Let's not forget about false negatives.
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:13 PM »
My cousin had been running McAfee despite my advice to the contrary. Her computer ran slowly and erratically. I uninstalled McAfee and installed Sunbelt VIPRE, which found and removed a trojan. Computer worked flawlessly.

I don't use this feature much so I don't know which of your criteria are satisfied, but File Notes Organizer 3 ( has extensive provisions for virtual folders:

"Create a virtual folder by dragging various folders into a catalog collection.  The collection can be browsed and filtered just as if it were a normal folder, even though the contents are from many places on your PC.  This enables you to create a collection for a special task, while leaving all the files in their current folders...Collections enable the gathering together into one virtual folder psuedo shortcuts to folders and files that are distributed across the PC and network drives. These folders, files and notes may be of common topic, file type or category depending upon how you choose to implement the  Collections feature."

Well-written letter. So-called upgrades that ruin good programs are incredibly infuriating.

So, are we calling this one done for the time being?   :)
I think so.

Apologies for the delay.
Well, with the high prices I'm paying I'm shocked that you would take a few minutes off for dinner or something.

This is fantastic. I'm so grateful for your skill and generosity.

If I select certain lines and export to .csv the entire list seems to be exported. Would it be possible to export selected items only?

Also, this hadn't occurred to me earlier but it would be useful to me (if no one else) to have a column indicating file format (Ogg, mp3). I don't know how hard this would be since the format is taken from individual tracks. When I got my Rio Karma years ago I thought I was being smart by using Ogg. Now I also have a little Zen Stone Plus that doesn't play Ogg, so it would be nice to see which albums I can load onto the Zen without format conversion.

However, Album Printer as written is extremely useful to me.

I haven't tried it and don't know if the interface would please you, but PagePlus X2 (older version of PagePlus) seems to be able to edit PDF's and is available for $20:

"Improved PDF Import - PagePlus X2 improves on the already impressive PDF Import feature first added in PagePlus 11. This amazing functionality - still unique in any DTP product at any price has been enhanced even further so that your PDFs will import more accurately than ever. PagePlus X2 will now import embedded fonts from your original PDF, even if you don't have them installed, so you can be confident that your design will closely match the original - and you can still edit PDFs with more flexibility than in any other application!"

The product doesn't seem to be on Serif's website any longer (replaced by X3), but I can provide a link to an order form that's prefilled with my name and address. Presumably you could just replace with your own info. (I'm not an affiliate or anything; I just have a saved email from a while back).

With a properly formatted CSV file, you can have commas in the data bits.  Give the above version a try; it should handle commas just fine.
It works great. Shows how little I know.

How about an export to CSV option?
Since some of my artist names already have commas this wouldn't work properly for me. Some items would be fine and others would have three columns, for example:
Beatles          The          Abbey Road
Beethoven     Sym. #5

Thanks for all the useful and diverse replies. Sorry for not replying earlier but my phone and Internet access went down Friday; they're still down so I finally drove somewhere with Internet access.

The Total Commander suggestion looks good but at least superficially seems more complicated than other solutions; I'm sure you're right that it's quick once you've gotten the hang of it. WhereIsIt seems like a useful program in general; I will explore it in detail when I get the chance.

The MP3tag scripts are really interesting. My favorite of the ones I've tried is html_dano_albumlist_js_ex. This script initially produces an artist list. Clicking on an artist yields that artists' albums, and clicking on an album yields a track list. If anyone could modify the script (http://forums.mp3tag...x.php?showtopic=1563) so that the default appearance is artist/album, or could add a button to expand all items one level down, that would be fantastic.

Another script, html_dano_albumlist_js_f, produces an artist/album list in the demo screenshot but doesn't do it that way for me. Apparently my tracks need to be tagged differently.

General Software Discussion / Album Printer
« on: May 10, 2009, 03:28 PM »
Thanks for all the useful and diverse replies. Sorry for not replying earlier but my phone and Internet access went down Friday; they're still down so I finally drove somewhere with Internet access.

skwire, Album Printer is great. You've already addressed the issue of printing directly from the program. Would it be possible to print in columns? I can't use a comma as a delimiter and then import as a .csv file because some of my artist names already contain commas (e.g., Beatles, The). This is trivial, but ideally I'd like just the first instance of an artist name to print or have some other means of making the list more legible, perhaps a blank line between artists.

As to Various Artist albums I don't think this is a big issue for me. I do, however, have a bunch of classical albums and have never been sure of the ideal way of tagging composer/performer. What's the recommended way of tagging these and VA sets?

Thanks again for your efforts.

One of the ways in which I'm a dinosaur is that I listen almost exclusively to entire albums, not individual songs, and I play ogg/mp3 files almost exclusively on my beloved Rio Karma, not on the PC. Which, if any, of the mp3/ogg player/cataloging programs would enable me to print a list by artist/album without printing song titles?


Sorry for any confusion (though not too sorry; I didn't do anything wrong). I've been envious of all the clever signatures on DC and this was the best I could do while being certain I wasn't plagiarizing or recycling.

As to the video problem, I successfully converted using HandBrake. Thanks to all who replied.

is it me or is there really spam on longrun's sig? :tellme:
 (see attachment in previous post)
It's you. It's a joke, maybe a bad one, with no link or commercial purpose. Now if you would actually like to enlarge your prostate and not some other body part perhaps I should post a link.

Done with the proper values, a video in the mp4 formats (e.g. DivX) ought to be quite a bit smaller than .mpg.
Thanks. Will DivX play automatically on Win/Mac w/o codec downloads or whatever? My relatives barely know how to turn on their computers. I've read about HandBrake and SUPER but wanted feedback on formats before proceeding further.

For a family project I dubbed some Super-8 film to VHS, then copied via HDD/DVD recorder to DVD, and finally converted to .mpg thinking it was a universal format. When my Mac relatives couldn't play the files I discovered that MPEG-2 isn't automatically usable by Mac. I converted the .mpg's to .avi and mp4 but the file size nearly tripled. What format is universal and relatively compact, and any recommendations on freeware? I used VLC for the mp4 conversion.

Normally I research things in depth but I'm pressed for time and don't really care about video aside from this one-time project.

Thanks all.

If you go with MoneyDance (I use and like the Windows version), here are a couple of resources for figuring out how to download data from banks that aren't on MD's list:

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