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  • October 19, 2019, 09:19 AM
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It is kind of strange - a poster with just one post saying that there ought to be more control over posting!  haha!  He registered on August 5, and is posting today, the 14th.  Maybe he saw a bunch of spam.  I receive the rss feed for new posts and there IS a lot of spam.  Maybe MichaelLal's idea isn't so bad?

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 13, 2019, 10:46 PM »
I'll try updating the BIOS again - maybe it *will* help some.  I think it will work.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:18 AM »
Ah! That did the trick, actually!  In my BIOS there is a switch for AHCI/RAID and I had to change it back to RAID.  Shewwie! Thanks for that tip.  I figured it was something simple like that, and in other threads I read about that too with error 7b. 

But it's so much different when you get advice from a place like DC.  It's kind of like living in the same town.  When I look at y'all's member block and see "Joined in 2006" with over 2000 posts then I know you are probably a decent advisor.

Okay, now that it's working, The MSI page says for compatibility, that my i5-8600K is only compatible with bios version 7B49v10.  The latest BIOS is 7B49v19.  I know that compatibility just usually means what they support - do you think a newer BIOS will work for this board anyway?

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 12, 2019, 11:57 PM »
OH, NOW I'VE DONE IT.  I tried to flash the bios and it was too new, and Windows wouldn't boot past the loading screen and then gave a BSOD of 7b.  But I had also tried to install an updated Intel Management Engine which failed.  So I flashed back the original bios, but now I still can't boot into windows - neither normal nor safe mode.

I tried system restore, but it isn't working.  I used the install disk and ran startup repair, but it didn't fix it - talks about not finding the boot disk (the 7b error's definition, actually).

I think it's a driver, because when I boot into safe mode, it always stops when it loads the drivers. 

I've got a PE running and and doing chkdsk and sfc at the moment.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 12, 2019, 09:42 PM »
I think it has to do with RamBox.  Or at least Rambox seems to trigger it.  Sometimes I have to close it and then look for some other not-often-used application to exit out of, and the combination will sometimes free up the lag.  I've already disabled HD sleep.

I'm sort of afraid to update BIOS - my processor, as I've mentioned, doesn't officially support Windows 7.  I'm using Winddows 7 Professional SP1.7601 with an Intel if-8600K (not overclocked).  BIOS is American Megatrends 1.00, 9/4/2017  (custom machine) on a MS-7B49 board.

Right now, the non-supportableness seems to be limited to the use of the onboard graphics card - I can't use it because there are no Win7 drivers for the processor.  So I have to use 2 PCI graphics cards to support my three monitors.

@Cloq - so according to the page you linked me to, I AM behind in BIOS versions.  The latest is 7B49v17, and I'm using 7B49 - I guess v1?
Do you think it would be safe?  I mean, do you think it will impose some strange restriction?

General Software Discussion / Re: Altap Salamander now freeware
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:21 AM »
Speaking of freeware file managers, Q-Dir is also very nice and very useful if you have to distribute files into a lot of places.  It is very configurable.

There is also QTTabBar which gives tabs and customizable toolbars to Windows Explorer - this is very nice, too - it makes Windows Explorer actually pleasant.

General Software Discussion / Re: Altap Salamander now freeware
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:13 AM »
So the unpaid version is artificially crippled. That's not what I would call a "freeware" software.

No, Tuxy, I think there is a misunderstanding.  The donor versions are betas.  The beta-testers-donors donate to get to use the beta versions ahead of production schedule.  Then, when it gets to the point for a new release, the beta version is released as a public version.  There is no crippling going on.  A new, fully-functional public release is made every few months or so.  The donor version is basically a beta-preview. 

FreeCommander has NO license or registration codes to govern any kind of feature-crippling system.  It's always been this way.  It's called FREECommander for a reason.

Here is from the FAQ page:
Is the FreeCommander free also for commercial use?
Yes it is, you can use it free of charge for private and professional purposes. You may not however sell it for profit and you may not bundle FreeCommander in other software packages without affirmation of the author.

However, to give you some credit, this is from the FAQ, too (but I don't know if this is still the case anymore; it might be; I've never tested it):
The functions of the donor release compared to public are the same with the exception for searching in the “PDF” files.


I sometimes have troubles with it too, after a graphics card update.  I use three monitors, and sometimes DC thinks it should be on a different monitor.  I have to undock it, move it, and redock it, then quit, then restart before it will stick in the right spot again.

I use Desktop Corral to hold the space for my Powerpro toolbar that runs across the top of my central monitor.  Powerpro can hold the space itself, but not as reliably or as well as DC, so I've always just relied on DC.  [just to let you know there are other users of your nice, unique application]

Oh, I basically just said the same things as I said last year about the same time....  whoops.  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  I must be getting old!

General Software Discussion / Re: Altap Salamander now freeware
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:07 PM »
Also, you should consider to spend money. Paid file managers are (almost) always better than freeware file managers.
I disagree with this statement.  I've been a user and beta-tester for FreeCommander for years and years.  I honestly can't imagine anything any other file manager could possibly do.  It does absolutely everything.  There are stacks and stacks of features that I don't even use all of them - and I'm a power user if there ever was one (speaking humbly here).  The forum has always been active, and the authour responds.

Deozaan - okay, I added a screenshot.

What is supposed to happen is that when the browser window shrinks, the panel should turn off.  When I use Rambox, this never happens.  When I use Vivaldi, it does turn off when the window gets shrunk.  But when I use Waterfox, the panel doesn't even appear - and it never used to appear on the other applications.  I'm trying to turn it off because I never use it and it takes up too much room.

My favourites go-to's are:


I don't really look anywhere else when I need something unless I can't find what I want in those places.  A few of them even host downloads for my own software.

By the way, I tried your contact page on your site (to give an idea for free stuff) and the captcha didn't work for me (Waterfox on Windows 7).  Actually, there was no captcha besides the "I'm not a robot" button, and clicking submit displays a red bar saying "invalid captcha".  Adblocker was off.

I like to run Google Voice in Vivaldi (or Rambox). How can I hide the right-panel? It takes up a lot of room, and there doesn't seem to be any toggle.

Anybody know how to get that panel to toggle closed?  I can't find any control to do that. 
It didn't use to be there; one day it appeared and now I can't close it.  And I can't seem to google up any solution.

If I run the browser in full screen, it's not so bad, but if I run it in a smaller window, I can't hardly see the typing area it is so small, the space is hogged up by the side panel.

Ad blocker is off.  Javascript is enabled.

screenshot_Vivaldi [vivaldi]_042.png

Mouser,  I know you said that, and I had tried SC without many other apps running but never suspected Powerpro's setting since I've been running Powerpro longer than SC.  I do remember enabling this setting not that long ago, however.

I never could figure out what it was.  I found it whilst trying to solve my other problem.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture moves window to other monitor
« on: July 24, 2019, 04:02 PM »
I figured it out!

I use a program called PowerPro, and it has on option to "Force all newly created windows onto the screen" - for when dialogue windows appear off the edges.  Well, this was enabled, and everytime SC's crosshairs would appear they would get zapped to the center monitor.  Apparently, Powerpro can't deal with three monitors.

I disabled the option and now it works perfectly again!
Thanks for SC, Mouser.  I'm sorry for the troubles.

Yes and no.

I have the same problem with domain-joined computers as well as non-domain computers, but strangely enough, not with the domain servers.

Reset Winsock  (I like to use Complete Internet Repair for these things; it's wonderful)
Flushed DNS
Renew WINS registrations

I tried disabling Flow Control on the network adapter driver settings.
I also removed the "Windows Network Client" from my network adapter and then re-installed it.

For example, I have this non-domain-connected laptop here next to me.  From this machine, I can connect to my domain workstation easily and never with any issue.  However, from my domain workstation, I cannot connect to the laptop.  Yesterday I could do it for several hours, but now I can't, no matter what I do.

I can also get this:
Network Error
Error code: 0x80004005
Unspecified error

Other times, when I working with a laptop, I cannot connect to it from my workstation until I first use the laptop to access my workstations public share.  After that I can then connect to the laptop from the workstation.  This workaround works about 30% of the time. 

My Windows 7 Workstation keeps having an issue where it cannot connect to network shares on other Windows 7 machines.  I am logged in using a domain account and am domain admin.

Sometimes I can connect, other times no.
It makes no difference if I use the computer's name nor their ip address.
I can always ping the other computer.
The other computer can access MY network shares with no problem.
I've gone through all the obvious stuff.
Netbios is enabled in the ipv4 settings for the adapter.
I can access the network shares on our servers.
Sometimes I can access the other Win7 share, and after awhile, then I can't do it anymore.
Rebooting doesn't help.
All the ip addresses are assigned by the DHCP server and never change.
When I try the network share, I receive a message: "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation".
Error code: 0x80070035
The network path was not found.  (even though I can ping the machine)

I've had this problem for a long time and can't solve it.  Any ideas?

General Software Discussion / Re: Stop using LaTeX!
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:56 AM »
Well, I've only ever done it once.

I use InDesign for typesetting, anyway.  I never could get used to a "writing only" area.  For me, writing and it's display seem to go hand-in-hand.  I've never used LaTex for typesetting; I was just adding my two cents for LaTex.  I use it only for outputting Gregorian Chant via Gregorio.

General Software Discussion / Re: Stop using LaTeX!
« on: July 19, 2019, 12:33 AM »
I don't know about using LaTeX for writing, but one really good thing you can do with it is to rotate a pdf by X degrees:

%Rotate a pdf file by any degree
%Works on every page of a multi-page pdf file
%You can't even buy software that will do this!


This is something you can't do in nearly any pdf editor.  I've used this little script to rotate a pdf by 7 degrees before.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: June 21, 2019, 09:32 PM »
I haven't totally figured this out yet, but I swapped screensavers so that I was using anything other than the zzStarwars one (my favourite) and I haven't had the hangups for awhile. 

Another thing I noticed was my disk grinding alot with RAM consumed by ClipX (64bit) and NVDisplay.Container.exe  (nvidia's tray app).  I killed nvdisplay; of course, it restarts itself, but is better the next run.  For ClipX, I uninstalled the 64bit version and installed the 32 bit version and that seems to have calmed that one.  They were both running up to around 800MB RAM each. 

The only other big culprit for RAM consumption is Waterfox (runs up to 2GB sometimes), but you know how that goes.

If I figure out anything else, I will post it in case someone else comes a-looking for answers.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:45 PM »
Ath - sorry!  No, no beta stuff.  Drivers are as up to date as I can get them.   I think it is something to do with the interaction of the idle process, the processor, and the graphics cards.

When the slowness starts, sometimes I can fix it by closing random applications.  It's as if one of the programs "locks" up the graphics.  Another time or two, I've fixed it by applying nVidia 3D settings to random applications.  But neither of those fixes is consistent, and I can't pinpoint any particular program to be a culprit.  There's something else going on.

I have, indeed cleaned the innards of the machine, not long ago, and have reset the RAM chips.  The motherboard, processor and RAM are all less than one year old at this point.  One of the graphics cards is also a year old or less, the other a year or two older. 

It seems like this is impossible to solve, that's why I've posted here to see if anyone has any ideas.  I can't find anything wrong with the HDDs or SSDs using diagnostics programs.

I never had these issues until I upgraded the motherboard.  I do still need to run the memtest.  But other than the unpredictable slowness, there are no other issues at all.  The only lead I have seems to be related to system idle, and I normally discover it in the morning when I begin to work, bringing my computer out of screensaver mode.

I've been running zzStarwars as the screensaver; I'm going to switch that and see if it helps.  And I'll try adding DisplayFusion and the .scr files to the exculsion list for MSE.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: June 11, 2019, 04:55 PM »
For AV, I'm just using Windows Security Essentials.  Our network is behind a fancy high-end firewall, so I've never needed anything more.  Scans with Malwarebytes produce no results and the machine is clean.  Besides that, the symptoms are not those of a virus.

For screensaver, I let DisplayFusion "manage" my screensavers, so I use ZZstarwars on monitor 1 and the other two are blank (just black).

Living Room / Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:25 AM »
My computer has some slowness issue that I can't figure out.  It happens everyday, and I can't really pinpoint what causes it or when exactly it happens.

  • Motherboard: MSI 7370 PC ProMSI Z370 PC Pro
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR4
  • Processor: Intel i5-8600K (not overclocked)
  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Dual Graphics cards: MSI GeForce GT 710 & MSI GeForce GT 730 - using the same driver
  • Three monitors - All the same: Dell S2415H (one connected via VGA, the other two via HDMI)

Now, Intel's 8th gen processors do not "support" Windows 7, therefore the onboard graphics do not work at all because there is no driver available, so I have to use the two graphics cards.  However, Windows 7 runs just fine otherwise.

Also, I am using an internal SSD drive to accelerate my C drive (HDD) with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

Thunderbird and Waterfox files, profiles and applications are kept on an internal NVM disk - as fast as you can possibly get.

The slowness happens, from what I can tell, after I leave my screensaver on overnight - so I'm suspecting it is on account of system idling.  Slowness consists of certain programs not reacting instantly - there are lags when I type, lags when I click the mouse, if I run the Nox Android Emulator, it is slow to react and sometimes freezes for a second or two before reacting.

I can fix it all by rebooting.  Sometimes if I close programs (doesn't matter which ones), one of them will "release" the lag and everything will go back to normal speeds.

I've defragmented everything.  The machine is not consuming much RAM or CPU - the meters never run past half the total available amount.  Crystal Disk Info reports a "good" health status for all my disks.

The only thing left for me to do is a memtest.

Any other clues here?

oblivion - yeah, it's really a compiled autohotkey script, and does a lot of juggling of the clipboard - I can see how it could set off an alarm.  But thanks for submitting it and getting it classified.  That's kind of neat - I don't think anyone has ever told me they've done this before!  I don't write programs for money or profit - just for fun for myself, and I just share for fun, too.  Thanks, friend!

Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture moves window to other monitor
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:50 PM »
Well, I don't know what changed, but now it's broken again.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Capture moves window to other monitor
« on: June 06, 2019, 03:15 PM »
Well, I don't know what I did, but SC is working fine again.  Really, I can't think of anything significant.  It works on all three monitors now without shifting.

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