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Major update to TextCrawler just released.  For those who don't know - it's a freeware Windows program for find and replace over multiple files, with regular expression support, configurable 'hits' pane to tell you what has been found,  and other neat tools.
TextCrawler home page


# 1.1 Final
Works properly with customised XP themes
Folder browse crash fixed
Batch tool library updates automatically
Esc key behavior in options fixed.
# 1.1 (Beta)
Bugfixes, stability fixes.
Delete and Update entries in RegEx library
New Batch Process tool for running multiple operations on files.
Preview results from all files in same window (optional)
List files in search with no hits (optional)
Clear Histories
Show/Hide Line nos
Find/Replace & path box dynamic resize.

General Software Discussion / Re: Duplicate Cleaner (gratis)
« on: September 13, 2008, 09:48 AM »
I wrote this one :)

Version 1.3 is in beta at the moment - you can check it out on the our forums here.

Always make sure you know what you are doing before deleting anything though.

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Notepad Poker (Beta)
« on: December 14, 2007, 09:16 AM »
Cool. The only thing is that it's not designed for internet play - more LAN play.  It communicates via a flat-file database in a shared folder. 

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Notepad Poker (Beta)
« on: December 13, 2007, 02:51 AM »
Bug Fixed and uploads updated...

Did anyone get round to trying it? If not I'll PADify it and unleash on the masses 

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Notepad Poker (Beta)
« on: November 29, 2007, 02:13 PM »
Oh dear, found a big bug already - it won't run correctly from the shortcut created by the installer - you need to run it from the relevant install folder or create a new shortcut.
My bad - should've tested the installer version...

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Notepad Poker (Beta)
« on: November 25, 2007, 07:07 AM »
Edit: Release 1.0 was made available last week. It even has it's own minisite.
Notepad Poker:

Hey all

I'd be interested in any feedback on a beta of a new piece of software I've been working on - Notepad Poker.  It's a multiplayer poker game but completely text based.
The lowdown:

# Texas Hold 'Em
# Limit, No Limit or Pot Limit play.
# Fully configurable
# "Notepad" stealth mode
# All-ins, Side pots, multiple show-downs
# Chat to other players
# Bots
# Multiple language support

Download and screenshots here: (no ads or anything)

You can probably run the installerless zipped version if you have XP and have had the richtext control installed at some point in the past. It runs pretty well off a memory stick in this fashion.


    * Requires a 'server' folder to be specified - this needs to be available to all players (i.e. Shared folder on network). 
    * If playing standalone just specify any local folder (eg. c:\temp)

Known Issues/limitations

    * Doesn't clean up the server folder
    * Bots aren't too smart yet
    * Beta version so it probably still has bugs...

Naturally, because it's a DV product it is Freeware. Enjoy :)

Hey all,
Just found a showstopper bug - if the columns are sorted in any way the system may perform operations on the wrong checkmarked files (marked files mode only).  I'll fix and upload this tonight.

The bug is in all versions... it's due to using an API column sort which scrambles the index. Argh!

TextCrawler 1.0.3 is now available for download.  I've taken on board suggestions from here  :Thmbsup:

Removed max size limitation in combo boxes,
Optimised form layout,
Resizable File and preview windows,
Store Replace texts in RegEx library,
Store window settings,
Right-click Context menu in file window.
Multi-select in file window

You might want to back up your regex.txt file before installing just in case it get overwritten (hopefully it shouldn't)

Thanks all!
Download it here:

Hi there

Nice forum - looks like a friendly bunch so I thought I'd join.

I'm the developer of TextCrawler. Thanks for the suggestions AbteriX - window resizing is a must for for the next minor update.  Going forward I also hope to put in more power features - batch processing for one.  If anyone has a suggestions for the best features to implement/rip off from the shareware programs I'm all ears!

Do people post betas for testing round here? I will have a little something soon that poker fans might like.

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