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  • October 20, 2019, 09:12 PM
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Perhaps my use of the term "learning mode" was misleading. It would not be difficult to implement: WorkCoach already stores all the required info in the Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/WorkCoach folder in an xml file called windowlog-yyyymmdd.xml. This lists all the windows which were active whether attached to a project or not. I'm guessing that Arjen uses this data to calculate the time spent on the Unknown project. My suggestion is to make this data available to the user through a suitable interface such as a checklist. It would be a relatively trivial programming exercise to copy data from the windowlog-yyyymmdd.xml to the projects.xml file (also in the same folder) in response to user input.


Arjen, a very nice piece of coding. I like this great little utility.

What would make me go "Wow!" would be what could be called a learning mode where the tasks which are currently lumped into the unknown category are recorded in a list from which they can be assigned either to a current project or a new one.

Perhaps a double-click on Unknown could bring up the list with a checkbox against each item then an "add to project" and "new project" button? That would make the program SO easy to use.

Hoping this project is still alive  :)


Hehe...good point momonan...but of course I was referring to the robbery of ones laptop, rudely ripped from ones hands, with scant regard to ones physical wellbeing, while one is out taking the airs on a sunny afternoon in Peckham, South London. With regard to the term "larceny" I don't doubt there is "some variation from state to state". However, I suspect you too fall into the category of Information Glutton and therefore I refer you to The Theft Act 1968 (1968 c.60), an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. http://en.wikipedia..../wiki/Theft_Act_1968

Isn't this world wide web a wonderful thing  :D

Hmmm...nice idea, but...

I've never had a computer of any description stolen, and have never stolen one either! If this program runs in the system tray then surely that means that the person who stole your computer would have to discover your password to log into Windows/Linux/OSX or whatever. Surely any savvy robber who was after your data would just boot a linux liveCD (take a look at PCLinuxOS for example) and grab it that way or, if they're not after your data then wouldn't they just install a fresh copy of Windows/Linux/OSX with a reformat of the hard drive?

Just my two centabos worth...

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