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I'm afraid an open discussion with the group is impossible for a variety of reasons, including privacy and security and time (& 50% don't speak English). And I think we all know that the group's decision will be subjective, probably idiosyncratic, & apparently based on criteria unique to the group. (In the end it's just a bunch of people saying "I like that" or "I don't like that" ... has a faint whiff of democracy?)

I will however, report back (maybe August) on which tool was chosen, and perhaps why.

Thanks mouser.


We're a small well-funded university-based group, and cost simply isn't an issue. I made exactly the same points about Visio but (especially as I don't actually have to do any of the work --- just gently supervise!) think it's important they should go through a "tools evaluation" phase.

Thanks very much for the suggestions.
Hope there will be a few more.

General Software Discussion / Help! Good flowcharting sw needed
« on: May 08, 2008, 12:06 PM »
Does anybody know of anything better for Flow Charting than Visio?
Cost and O/S are irrelevant, but I'm starting to get desperate.

General Software Discussion / Re: really good spell check tool wanted
« on: October 29, 2006, 05:08 AM »
I use this:

It will certainly do nearly all you want; although i'm not completely sure it auto-detects language change ... but it's very easy to specify languages.

Thanks for the info, fodder.

I'm in Værløse and can potentially save 100 ddk a month or get a faster line if I switch to Cybercity. I can live without phone support, so am talking to their Customer support right now.

Actually fodder, i do know what it's like where you are !

I'm dk too, use TDC which is expensive (static IP) but v. reliable and can't be bothered to switch, but if you know a good ISP? Fibre is a real future possibility, because landlord (DAB) is ok, and we just need a simple majority of apartment-dwellers (& Inet is v. popular);  but I won't be able to afford it.

I don't know what it's like where you are fodder, (suprise!) but where i live you pay a tarrif for say 256kbps upload,, more for 512kbp, more for 1mb and so on up the scale. (Banding?) Download works the same way.

I was really referring to the fact that some ISPs just block port 80 (HSF default) -- but it works for any port.

It's self test feature shows you your external port without taking you anywhere. I simply don't know about uPNP support. My guess is not yet, but that really is a complete guess.

One of the great things is the User forum. You can post questions like that there, and you'll almost always get a definitive and helpful reply within a few hours. (Depends on time zones, I think)

General Software Discussion / Re: foobar...honestly...WTF?! WTF?!
« on: October 17, 2006, 07:39 AM »
Of ourse the other way to use Foobar is like I do:

Drag files frmo Explorer into Foobar window.
Press Play and shrink to taskbar.
Listen to the music.

Also, HFS can be used to host websites (I'm not done this myself.9 But I quote from the doc:

Use HFS to host a website

Classic webservers are used for publishing one or more websites. They work in a simple way: you just indicate which folder contains files to be published, and it is done.

However, this is also possible with HFS. Just follow these steps:
In the virtual file system, right-click on root(home) and click bind root to real-folder.
Select the folder that contains the website files.
Right-click root again, and click default file mask.
Type index.htm*.

The name index.htm* is normally ok, but your particular main page file may have a different name, such as default.html; check it out.

No server-side scripting is currently supported.
HFS is not designed to publish websites.

HFS works with most download managers, including Flashget, so resuming downloads isn't a problem.

I'm a great Torrent fan too, but HFS is quite fast -- it depends what you pay for at yor ISP. I get upload speeds around 200 kbs if i don't run eg Torrent at the same time.

You seem to have missed my favorite -- Magic File Renamer

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