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Okay. I have watched one of my DVDs burned using DVD Shrink with the priority setting at "realtime" and it played perfectly. I didn't shut down any programs or disconnect from the internet. Now I know that this program does work when using it for burning/editing software. I have 2 more DVD's to watch and if they have no burn errors then 3 times is a charm!

I hope I'm not nagging or being a pest, but I thought about one more thing that would be a great improvement to setting the priorities for running processes. I have no idea how you would do this, but do you remember the old Nortons Firewall? how it would run a pop up the first time any application tried to access the internet? it would ask you how you wanted to configure its settings. That would be great. The first time Process Tamer was installed it would recognize each app when it was opened the first time and prompt you to set it's priority, or if you wanted to ignore it. soon all of the programs on your PC would run "custom tailored" to your liking. But then you would most definitely have to start charging $99.00 for the program  :Thmbsup:

Well, I just burned 3 DVD's using DVD Shrink with Process Tamer set to Real Time (before I knew that I shouldn't) and I didn't shut down any other apps, nor disable my Norton Firewall and Antivirus, as we all know are very system hungry. If these DVD's play without any errors, then it will be confirmed. Process Tamer will be indispensible for anyone running video editing/burning software. I will let you guys know soon.

ProcessTamer / Re: Priority Settings Question
« on: October 20, 2005, 04:58 PM »
Thank you very much! I appreciate the insight!

My main reason for using Process Tamer is to allocate as much PC resources as possible while running DVD Shrink. If I have a bunch of processes running while I am burning a DVD, it frequently will burn with errors. Being sick of stopping and closing all other programs and disconnecting from the internet, I longed for a program that would give resource hungry video editing programs the cpu resources that they need while in use. If you could make a one click program priority feature that would automatically restrict all uneeded processes to free up as much cpu as possible, this would be a great addition! I even think that this could be written and marketed as a seperate program aimed soley as a companion to video editing programs.

ProcessTamer / Priority Settings Question
« on: October 19, 2005, 10:53 PM »
Can someone explain each of the following settings and how they will make the application behave when selected? Especially the "Real Time" setting. I think this information would be great for the Help Manual. I have already filled out the ones that are the most obvious.

Ignore: Process Tamer will ignore the program and not make any changes when it is running.
Force Low:
Force High:
Force Normal:
Force Below Normal:
Force Above Normal:
Force Real Time:
Force Kill: Process Tamer will stop or close the program when it detects it running.

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